[KI-LC] Idea for general information sharing in Kantara

Andrew Hughes andrewhughes3000 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 15:37:10 UTC 2020

Ken Klingenstein raised an interesting item on today's ISI-WG call... he
noted that one of the interesting bits about attending ISI is to get global
updates on what's going on out there in other fora.

I have an idea! Since the monthly Leadership Council calls are open to all
to attend, what if we explicitly use the first 30 minutes of the monthly
calls to do exactly that - anyone participating in other standards,
identity or personal data bodies can give an update and answer questions
from anyone else interested in what's going on.

On LC calls we do this already by talking about the highlights of Colin's
monthly Director's corner - each of us is able to fill in the details

So the idea: Change the monthly calls to 90 minutes max. Use the first 30
minutes to review the Director's Corner and newsletter blasts with
discussion. At 30 minutes, call the LC meeting to order and proceed with
that agenda. If LC needs to go in-camera for any business, then ensure that
part is at the bottom of the agenda so we can ask non-LC attendees to drop.

whadda ya think?

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