[KI-LC] Shaping the form of the Kantara mDL WG

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Thank Ken, just wanted to make sure that they were in synch as one would lead to and inform the other.



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Subject: Re: [KI-LC] Shaping the form of the Kantara mDL WG


I made some editorial changes to the Purpose and Scope sections.







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In my opinion the conformance criteria that are developed would support another (and new) Kantara Class of Approval. As such, from an operational perspective, all the processes associated with granting a trust mark for a class of approval would be applicable.







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Thanks Colin,


One thought … since its looking at assessment criteria, should it also be collaborating with the IAWG to determine the requirements for a program as well.  I think its worth the time to think about the operational aspects as well as the criteria components.


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Subject: Re: [KI-LC] Shaping the form of the Kantara mDL WG




Just pushing this early draft Charter in the GDocs link around the buoy once more.




I'm trying to find that sweet spot between making it generic enough that we can flex and change as needed, while being specific enough that we don't spend months and months thrashing around to find the beginning. 


The news from STA (which many of you on this list know as you were on Cathy's email distro) is that we could expect to see the whitepaper published late next week.


We do have the option of holding until then, for folks here that weren't involved in its creation to get orientated.


But OTOH I'm not sure it would significantly change what we do here, since on and off-list the broad direction seems aligned, if not the finer grained detail, the knowledge of which significantly rests with those of you on the ISO SC17 WGs.


Anyway, take another look at the Charter please, and edit inline or add proposed text changes as comments.


It would be good to get it into the WG creation process before the end of the month (which is not long!) as well as make it more widely known to other members and non member participants.






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Thank you for putting your hand up for interest in this idea, either in response to email or in conversations.


There are others (both inside and outside of the Kantara membership) but we need to get on, while internal sign offs etc take place.


Because I am going on vacation for a few days (chasing northern lights so mostly out of cell range) and then in DC next week, I wanted to make a very formative start on the draft WG charter...something we can all build on.




So edit and comment away at will please while I am away and not thinking of you all while I chase lights..;-).





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Kenneth Dagg Independent Consultant Identification and Authentication 613-825-2091 kendaggtbs at gmail.com <mailto:kendaggtbs at gmail.com> 

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