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Subject: Grow your reputation as an IAPP P.S.R. 2020 speaker
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Apply to Speak at IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2020
To view this email as a web page, click here
*#PSR20 <http://info.iapp.org/c0720F8E0uUZ08zMi0avd00>*

[image: IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2020 | September 29 - October 2 |
AUSTIN] <http://info.iapp.org/n/n0E80wj00FUu0MZ0a802zd7>
Do you have expertise to share with the
privacy and security community?

Show that you are one of the privacy industry’s leading practitioners by
speaking at *IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk 2020*
<http://info.iapp.org/n0E80wj00FUu0MZ0a802zd7> in Austin, Texas. The call
for proposals is open <http://info.iapp.org/TkUEd0808002aZx00u7FzM0>, and
we’re looking for speakers who can inform and provoke with memorable
presentations on timely topics.

P.S.R. consistently attracts sellout crowds of privacy and information
security professionals. Connect with them by sharing your knowledge and
experience. You’ll grow your reputation while contributing to the privacy
and information security communities.

The *deadline to submit is Feb. 2, 2020*.
Submit Your Proposal <http://info.iapp.org/TkUEd0808002aZx00u7FzM0>

If you have any questions, please contact Julia Kirchmer. Julia is happy to
help you throughout the process and will monitor the status of your
submission. You can reach her at +1 603.427.9200 x275 or by email

*IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2020
Training September 29-30
Workshops September 30
* Conference October 1-2 *
*Austin, Texas*

[image: Facebook-icon-circle.png]
<http://info.iapp.org/Xzu08mZ0U200Md7aF008Ez0>   [image:
<http://info.iapp.org/G8Z0Md00an7AE0zu00208UF>   [image:
<http://info.iapp.org/c0720F8E0uUZ08zMo0aBd00>   [image:
<http://info.iapp.org/HE0002F0U8padM70u8Z00Cz>   [image:
Instagram_Icon-circle.png] <http://info.iapp.org/DED720q0MZa00d08uU080zF>
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