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I don't recall a specialist in this area in the active Kantara community
but I could be mistaken.

Kind regards

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Hello PrivEx Community,

My apologies for the gap since our last outreach. I wanted to extend to the
group an opportunity to be interviewed for a piece in the Washington Post
(DEADLINE: Wednesday).
REMINDER: there is no need or expectation to mention this community, simply
refer to the mission statement of educating the public on topics around
data privacy. This is where a few agreed-upon statements to drive home our
community's message might come in handy (per our action items
but I digress.

Geoffrey Fowler <https://www.washingtonpost.com/people/geoffrey-a-fowler/>,
who was recently interviewed about his piece on data tracking
on NPR's Fresh Air
is looking for people that can address shared/swapped credit card data.
Please reach out to Geoff, if you can speak to his questions below, or
refer him to someone who can. And please let me know, if you do.

Notes from Geoffrey:
*Who do you know that is very smart on the data that gets shared, swapped
or sold from our credit cards? *

*I’m working on a project where I take one purchase — buying a banana with
a Chas Visa Amazon Prime Rewards card at a national pharmacy chain — and
try to track all the many different ways data from that transaction gets
passed around.*

*From my credit card bank to the merchant’s bank, to the credit card
network, to the merchant themselves, to the merchant’s bank, to the point
of sale system maker ... it’s quite a list. I want to make sure I’m not
missing any important elements.*

*This piece will include some uses like this:

*And the news hook is the arrival soon of the Apple Card, which promises a
different way of handling the data (at least by partner bank Goldman Sachs)
as a major selling point.*

Geoffrey.Fowler at washpost.com


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