[KI-LC] Fwd: LAST CHANCE! Dream Big & Apply to Speak at KNOW 2019 by 9/28! 🌟

Salvatore D'Agostino sal at idmachines.com
Mon Sep 24 16:39:27 UTC 2018

I already did and had it accepted (I guess), since I am now listed as a speaker on the site, though I wasn’t officially contacted.  I put something in on IoT lifecycle management and automation.


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Hello everyone


Who amongst you or folks in your Groups already have/intending to submit a speaking proposal for KNOW 2019 in Vegas?


For the 2018 gig in DC this year, Kantara did a panel on conformity assessment and assurance with frequent references to Kantara's own program. We had Mary Hodder, Blake Hall, Scott Shorter, Andrew Hughes and myself. With Scott and Blake being local to DC, that helped things greatly. 


This year it is in Vegas, and we are not blessed with many folks known to be living locally, so we will need to consider topics and together with people's intentions to attend, and work it out from there. Kantara is a media partner for this event too. 


You can see that the deadline is the end of the week, so I would appreciate your responses and comments by return today/tomorrow please.




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The KNOW 2019 Call for Speakers deadline is 9/28, and we’re looking for the world’s smartest minds to shape the Future of Trust! 

















KNOW 2019 in Las Vegas is shaping up to be our best event yet, but we need your help to make it the pinnacle event for trust and the data economy. Our Call for Speakers deadline is quickly approaching, and we’re looking for the world’s smartest minds to shape the Future of Trust.

KNOW sets itself apart with an unwavering commitment to challenging the status quo with content that pushes industry limits.

Join fellow thought leaders, decision makers, executives, and industry professionals hashing out how to build a more secure, efficient, and profitable global data economy for tomorrow.

If you have something to say across one of our KNOW 2019 track themes, we want to hear from you!

*	Trust & Safety
*	Security
*	Digital Identity
*	Regtech
*	Fintech & Payments
*	Innovation & Technology

Applying through our web form is easy. But don’t wait! We’ll continue to accept applications through this Friday, September 28th.



Jennie Berry


jennie at oneworldidentity.com <mailto:jennie at oneworldidentity.com> 


Kaelyn Lowmaster

Head of Research

kaelyn at oneworldidentity.com <mailto:diana at oneworldidentity.com> 








events at oneworldidentity.com <mailto:%20events at oneworldidentity.com> 









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