[KI-LC] Proposal for a new specification at Kantara - please weigh in!

Salvatore D'Agostino sal at idmachines.com
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Likely to be some relationship among the attributes in the taxonomy..  is it encrypt all or some, probably your SIM is a good thing to include… nice list, here’s a spreadsheet


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Interesting idea. From what I can see, from the information at the link, they want to develop common standards to help protect the privacy of personally identifiable information (PII).


In my opinion, it could be an ideal topic for a WG. What could also be interesting is the impact of the output of the WG on other WGs such as PrivWG, HIAWG, and IAWG. For IAWG it could mean additional criteria for the Classic SAC. It could also be used to influence NIST and therefore the two sets of SAC related to 800-63Rev3.


My two cents,





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Hi - I spotted this work form Dativa.com last week:



It's a taxonomy of PII elements that "require cryptographic encoding to prevent the identification of individuals..."


I've chatted a bit with them, and they are interested in making it into an open standard. I suggested that Kantara might be a good home, among other possibilities.


What are your thoughts?

I, for one, think that it would be a good item for Information Sharing topics.



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