[KI-LC] Seeking your views on Kantara joining the MyData consortium

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Wed Oct 10 16:50:36 UTC 2018


I’m in agreement with Eve’s point of view. I don’t see anything that they
produce or plan to produce.

Saying that, though, there could be an opportunity for greater exposure for
Kantara through MyData community activities.

I’m okay with a membership for a year or two to see where things go.


On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 12:29 PM Colin Wallis Kantara <
colin at kantarainitiative.org> wrote:

> Hi
> So far I have 2 Yes.
> To Eve's point, my own POV is that it is too early to tell.
> Heck, they are only establishing the org tomorrow, and they are doing it
> in a kind of commonsy way.
> They make statements about ambitions to do real standards work, but it's
> too early to know if that will become a reality.
> So personally I think it is too early to make a judgement on that..
> And indeed the fact that they haven't done real work yet, does offer an
> opportunity for Kantara..
> My 2c..
> Cheers
> On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 1:46 PM Eve Maler <eve at xmlgrrl.com> wrote:
>> To be very up front about it, I’m wondering what it produces other than
>> community (conferences, “hubs”, podcasts...). Lots of people have their
>> “hearts in the right place”, but I see no other hard deliverables and no
>> governance structure to produce any. Am I missing something? Producing
>> “talk” is fine, but does it actually advance Kantara’s goals farther than
>> they would be advanced otherwise, e.g. by attending and participating in
>> (and maybe sponsoring) the conference?
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>> On Oct 10, 2018, at 6:47 AM, Colin Wallis Kantara <
>> colin at kantarainitiative.org> wrote:
>> Folks
>> Many of you know or know of MyData.
>> https://mydata.org/
>> Once upon a time, there was talk of them being incubated by Kantara,
>> similar to the ID Pro model. But we couldn't agree terms so they have
>> proceeded to do their own thing.
>> Nonetheless there is a good level of support cross-over and we have a
>> congenial relationship if not a hugely mutually supportive one.
>> Typically I would not consider Kantara paying fees to another non profit,
>> but this one has borrowed much from our model and from an ethics and ethos
>> POV very similar.
>> So I think that in this case, it's reasonable to consider it, (and as
>> Andrew suggested when I ran this past him yesterday) even if for a year or
>> so to see how it goes.
>> Cost is very reasonable (non profits get 50% off a membership fee, and
>> Kantara is classed as a micro business in EU terms) brings us in at €250
>> and about the same in US$.
>> https://mydata.org/mydata-global-membership-application/
>> In your opinion Chairs, Yes or No?
>> Reply All by return please.
>> Thanks
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