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Colin Wallis Kantara colin at kantarainitiative.org
Tue Oct 9 10:37:51 UTC 2018

Greetings folks

In Confidence: Just giving you a heads-up on the essence of my conversation
today with Andi re Identiverse 2019, DC June 25-28.

This will help us with

1) proposal submission ideas since the topics work nicely to Kantara's
strengths... maybe socialize and discuss in your Groups?

2) consideration of holding a community cocktail hour, or a member plenary?
Not promising either, just soliciting expressions of interest/support.

3) structuring 'Kantara's showcase hour' along the lines of panel with
slide prompts....  but open to ideas.

Here is an early sense of the way it is shaping up (again, In Confidence):

   - Identiverse 2019 runs June 25-28 at the Hilton Washington DC.
   Registration is open :)
   - It's likely that the overall agenda will be informed by three general
   areas: Ethics of Identity, Innovation, and Identity Experience
   - We agreed that Kantara would take an Industry sponsor slot (i.e.
   Display Table in the community area)
      - *Action*: Andi will get the paperwork process for this underway in
      the next few days
      - Not discussed on the call, but: *do consider whether Kantara wants
      to do a social event or other gathering of some kind.  Early planning &
      promotion is probably a good idea, if you do.*
   - We discussed a potential masterclass-length speaking slot for Kantara,
   maybe a panel with some innovative staging.
      - *Action:* Be ready to submit a proposal when the CFP opens
   - The CFP will open in early November.  We discussed how Kantara could
   encourage its members and the various WGs and DGs to submit proposals.
      - *Action: * Colin to consider what steps could be taking to
      encourage proposal submission
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