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…uniquely build(s)





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Here's a candidate update of the UMA paragraph:


"The User-Managed Access (UMA) 2.0 Specifications uniquely build on OAuth 2 to allow party-to-party federated delegation, authorization, and consent. Developed in Kantara's open consensus-driven environment, UMA gives data subjects – and resource rights administrators acting on their behalf – a unified way to control grants of access to a wide variety of digital resources from many locations."


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My only suggestion is with respect to this text:


“Companies all over the world are providing high quality credentials to their customers because of their approved status with Kantara’s Identity Assurance Program. Kantara approves Credential Service Providers (CSPs) and Accredits Assessors. Kantara can grant CSPs one or more of the following three Trust Marks: NIST800-63 rev. 3, NIST 800-63 (Technical) and Classic.”


If Kantara is still the only one to offer rev3 approvals, and we want to be bold, we could say “in addition to its Classic Trust Mark, Kantara is the only Trust Framework Provider that offers to grant CSPs NIST800-63 rev. 3 and NIST 800-63 (Technical) Trust Marks.”


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We used the last of the 2nd version of Kantara flyers at Identiverse in Boston last week.


So we will need to prepare and print a refresh.


Can you look through the current one and offer comments on text design, anything really, to help give Marketing a steer.


There are some obvious text changes we will want to do - UMA is a stand out, but we also have better text now to describe Consent Receipt and the TF/Assurance program.


There will be logo additions and subtractions - example is NRI removed, now it is no longer on the Board, and IDESG added, now that its assets have been transitioned to Kantara.


I don't have a Word version of this, but if you can manage with general comments at the outset, I'd really appreciate it.


Reply All to help ideas generation please.





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