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Andrew Hughes andrewhughes3000 at gmail.com
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Hi folks - this is a continuation of the discussion we had on last week's
LC call about in-person meetings

We need to start having regular in-person meetings of Kantara members -
many have asked for this, and the organization needs to do it to help to
increase member engagement.

Thinking about it, I think there are several kinds of in-person meetings
that are suitable for our members:

1) Workshop attached to industry conference - open to all - the typical
showcase of current work and member projects
2) Member Plenary - members only - Kantara highlights and DG/WG face to
face or joint working meetings
3) Annual General Meeting - members only - a typical Corporate AGM, about
30 minutes long, to review member motions, financial status, other
organization topics - these are not strictly required by the Bylaws, but
would make sense to attach to 2)
4) Interop / hackathon / testing events - primarily specification
5) "Birds-of-a-feather" - special meetings of DG/WG, self-organized

- We currently do 1) several times a year
- I would like to schedule 2) and 3) in 2018 and continue into future years
- I would like to have a policy to make it clear to DG/WG that 4) and 5)
are welcome and are encouraged by Kantara leadership

Any comments? Feedback? Ideas?

To avoid making this a burden on Kantara staff and finances, I think we
have two ways to organize this:

#1 assign a small Member team (not necessarily Chairs) to plan and manage
these kinds of events (2, 3, 4, 5) - it should be quite light: pick dates
on a calendar on a 12-months rolling schedule; decide on the event focus;
find a member-supplied venue; prepare short write-ups for broadcast to
members; ensure that staff are engaged and assisting.

#2 use the LC Leadership team to be that organizing team - relying actively
and heavily on responses from the LC mailing list to inform our decisions
as noted above.

As you might guess, #1 has a much higher chance of sustained success ;-)

Any comments? Feedback? Ideas?

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