[KI-LC] Kantara @ TIIME 2018, Feb 5-8, Vienna

Colin Wallis colin at kantarainitiative.org
Sun Jan 7 23:00:30 UTC 2018

Greetings folks

To complete the trifecta of events I have emailed the LC in the last 24
hours, here comes TIIME.

I have added President Allan, Treasurer Robin, Exec Program Manager Ruth,
ARBers Leif and Tom, since they were at the very successful event last
year, as was LC Chair Andrew.

Kantara leads used it as a venue for various Kantara internal in-person
meetings, fitted around the workshops and Unconference.

And late last year, LC Chair Andrew issued a call for interest in Kantara
plenary meetings around various events - TIIME was one of them.

I am 'circling the wagons' on this event so that we can determine;

1) Who plans to attend
2) Topics for the Unconference
3) Does Kantara run a workshop followed by drinks (thank you Forgerock!) as
it did last year (tho' noting an additional workshope stream vs last year,
so we would have to bring our own attendees so as not to have fewer
attendees spreadaccross more streams..).
4) Do we plan a Kantara European plenary around the event? If so, we had
better get onto it very soon.

Looking at the agenda, I note we have friends and affiliates already
speaking - Heather Flanagan, Patrick Curry, Keycloak (UMA implementer),
Mads and others from Higher Ed..... do we build something around their

Welcoming your thoughts on how to proceed so we can kick-start the
promotion of this event for Rainer.

Kind regards


Executive Director
Cell: +44 (0)7490 266 778

Kantara Initiative Inc. <https://kantarainitiative.org/>
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