[KI-LC] Unprecedented downloads in the last few days

Colin Wallis colin at kantarainitiative.org
Sun Feb 25 20:48:54 UTC 2018


I want to make you aware of an unprecedented number of downloads of Kantara
publications over the last few days.

During the whole of 2017 we had 915 downloads.

In January 2018, we had 137, which was almost double the monthly average of
around 70 over 2017.

>From February 21st to date -  just 4 days - we have had 114 downloads.

Full analysis to come but on browsing through them, about 50% are the
Report published by Blockchain Smart Contracts Discussion Group, about 30%
UMA 2.0 and the remainder spread across Consent Receipt and other Specs,
Recs and Reports.

Deloitte Korea alone downloaded every document in our Publications

The increase is likely partly to do with the press release activity last
week to major media titles via Business Wire - Blockchain Smart Contracts,
UMA 2.0 and the 100 top influencers in Identity - months after these were
tweeted out to the community known suspects.

Typically I try to reach out personally to the organization downloaders to
encourage them to join Kantara or at least the WG/DG of the group that
produced the work.  The sheer volume may require me to look at another
resource to do that reach-out given my current workload.

Nonetheless I wanted to share this good news with you.

Kind regards and thank you all once again for your support.


Executive Director
Cell: +44 (0)7490 266 778

Kantara Consent Receipt and UMA are 2 of the top 5
See Kantara's 2017 Great Work!

Kantara Initiative Inc <https://kantarainitiative.org/> & Kantara
Initiative, Europe
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