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Hi Leadership Council - I've been working on a bunch of measurable
strategic objectives for the Kantara Community Groups part of the
organization. I need your feedback on the Objectives listed in the bottom
section of this mail.

Can you please take a few minutes to read and think about this email?

We have an LC call on Febrary 21 - I'd like to discuss the rationale of
this approach and any refinement or replacement of the objectives. That
would let us (me, you) look at specific measurable items that could be

Kantara Initiative Leadership Council Balanced Scorecard 2018

As Kantara Initiative Leadership Council Chair, one of my responsibilities
is to ensure that Kantara Groups are functioning and aligned with Kantara’s
organizational objectives. To this end, in Summer 2017, I created an
initial set of strategic objectives for the Kantara LC using the Balanced
Scorecard methodology. This note describes an initial set of strategic
objectives for 2018.

>From balancedscorecards.com:

The Balanced Scorecard is a management system. It’s a way of looking at
your organization that focuses on your big-picture strategic goals. It also
helps you choose the right things to measure so that you can reach those

A normal Balanced Scorecard uses four perspectives to measure organization
health and progress: Learning & Growth; Internal Business Processes;
Customer; Financial. Each perspective has a few strategic objectives for
the organization, each objective has a few measurable metrics to track
The Kantara Mission

The Kantara Initiative is the global consortium improving trustworthy use
of identity and personal data through innovation, standardization and good
Kantara Leadership Council Perspectives

Scope definition is critical for developing effective balanced scorecards.
For Kantara, the balanced scorecard is written with the perspective that
the groups, collectively, are the organization whose objectives are being

I have interpreted the four perspectives as:

·      Consumers of group outputs (Customer)

·      Kantara Member value for money (Financial)

·      Administrative/Internal processes (Internal business processes)

·      Aggregate participant capabilities & Knowledge base (Learning &

Kantara Leadership Council Objectives

To start the discussion, I have developed 3 objectives per perspective.
Once the LC has discussed and refined these objectives, we can move to
define Measures and start regular reporting.

The Perspectives and their Objectives are:

·      Consumers of group outputs

o   Increase Kantara Member and non-Member awareness of Kantara
Publications and Programs

o   Increase non-Kantara usage and citation of Kantara publications

o   Increase breadth of participation in publication creation

·      Kantara Member value for money

o   Increase the value that Kantara Members perceive of the network effect
of being a Kantara member

o   Increase the number of Member products and services that are directly
supported by Kantara publications and programs

o   Increase Member’s desire to associate with the Kantara brand

·      Administrative/Internal processes

o   Decrease the level of Group leadership effort required for Group
operations and Publication process

o   Decrease elapsed time to execute regular processes

o   Increase engagement between Group leadership and the Kantara Board &

·      Aggregate participant capabilities & Knowledge base

o   Increase completeness of publication suite for high-visibility
knowledge domains

o   Increase relevance of new and existing projects and publications

o   Increase focus on interoperability as a primary driver for

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