[KI-LC] WG Charter for your consideration

Andrew Hughes andrewhughes3000 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 02:42:33 UTC 2017

Hi Chairs - you've heard me talk about getting a new WG for Consent
Management - Best Current Practices started for a while now - well, now's
the time!

A draft Charter has been written with the LC leaders and proposed WG

Also, I have been talking in a smaller group about how the Kantara groups
are organized. I'm proposing that we add a third collection alongside the
"Connected Life" and "Trust Services" collections: the "Public Policy and
Data Privacy" groups. A blurb is attached.

The general idea is that Kantara has firmly shifted towards the personal
data and data privacy space - but those areas don't fit cleanly into the
existing collections.

Please review both of these and let us know what you think.

I'd like to start an electronic ballot this week for the WG Charter.
And, if we have a firmish consensus about the new grouping, then a ballot
for that too (to recommend the addition to the Board of Directors)

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Independent Consultant
*In Turn Information Management Consulting*

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