[KI-LC] Invitation To Write A Consent Tech Blog Post for IAPP & My Data

Mark Lizar mark at openconsent.com
Sun Jun 11 07:15:07 CDT 2017

Dear Consent Technologist/Kantara Community/My Data Consent Track Presenters:

As apart of the My Data conference (MyData2017.org <http://mydata2017.org/>) there is a conference track focus on consent called. Making Consent Operational where we are inviting consent technologists who are pioneers and thought leaders to write a blog about their work. 

We are working with the My Data team who will curate the Consent Tech Blog book and some of these posts may also be posted first on the IAPP Blog where Jed (at IAPP) will select from the blog posts to post to the IAPP community. 

In this regard, you are invited to write a blog post on your work and/or interest in consent technology.   The aim is to keep it simple and to communicate about your work to a general audience. 

The blog series aims to start a common narrative around the Consent Tech movement and to let all those who are interested in Consent Tech - what work and projects exists already.   The overall objective is to move towards a more interoperable and open ecosystem with cross community collaboration in the Consent Tech space. 

To help with this we have created a couple of questions, no need to answer all the questions. The best blog posts will be between 700-900 words.  Please no bigger than 1000 words if you can help it.   First posts in get reviewed for the first blog post.  All post should be in by July 1st. 

Mark Lizar
CEO & Founder | Open Consent | 
Consent Enabling Products and Services for the 21st Century.
+44 (0) 208 123 2476
Twitter @Smartopian

Blog format and suggested Questions

What is your consent tech or consent tech topic? (200  words)`

What use case(s) and/or pain points does your consent tech address and/or solve? (200 / 300 words) 

Does your consent tech relates to existing standards?  existing laws?   The  GDPR specifically? Or Consent  globally? (200 / 300 words) 

What are the main challenges facing adoption? (200 / 300 words) 

What emerging technologies / projects show promise (do you find exiciting) and why? (Protocols, Block Chain, Algorithms — etc (200 / 300 words)

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