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Greetings Directors and Board

FYI, and you'll see on Day 3 there, all 3 of Kantara's projects.
Allan or I will be in attendance, but we would love to see further support.
Very interesting line up of new and remixed new tech.


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Subject: FREE REGISTRATION: Discover the Latest U.S. Federally Funded
Identity Management and Data Privacy R&D
To: "John, Anil" <anil.john at hq.dhs.gov>


Please feel free to either forward this invitation (or provide the
registration link *http://bit.ly/CyberShowcase17
<http://bit.ly/CyberShowcase17>*) to your networks both inside and outside


Dear Colleague,

I invite you to discover the latest U.S. federally funded Identity
Management and Data Privacy R&D at the *2017 Cyber Security R&D Showcase
and Technical Workshop*, scheduled for July 11-13, 2017 at the Mayflower
Hotel in Washington, D.C.

You can register to attend this event (Free!), which is the U.S. Federal
Government’s largest cybersecurity R&D conference, at
*http://bit.ly/CyberShowcase17* <http://bit.ly/CyberShowcase17>

While the range of discussions and cyber security technologies you will
encounter will be both broad and deep, please find below more details
regarding specific technologies that are part of the *Identity Management
R&D and the Data Privacy R&D tracks on Day 3 (July 13, 2017)*. Yes, I am
biased towards these tracks : -)

*10:20 AM // Identity Management R&D Track Introduction*

by Anil John, DHS S&T Program Manager

·         *Physical Access Control Using Derived Credentials Over NFC*
by Brad McGoran, Exponent & Kantara Initiative
*Advanced development and engineering to enable the usage of a Derived
Credential over a secure NFC channel (OPACITY) for physical access control*

·         *Mobile Authentication Interoperability Using FIDO for Digital
by Michael Queralt, Queralt
*Advanced development, engineering and certification processes needed to
ensure that a X.509 Digital Certificate (Derived Credential) deployed  on a
mobile device can be recognized as a valid FIDO UAF Token*

·         *Context-Aware Security Technology for Responsive and Adaptive
by Devu Manikantan Shila, United Technologies Research Corporation
*Continuous authentication platform that leverages multi-model sensors
available on a smartphone to enable an active authentication capability*

·         *Super Identity for Nonperson Entities*
by Glenn Fink, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
*Create measurable certainty that network-addressable devices are what they
claim to be by defining and utilizing quasi-identifiers (QIs) drawn from
multiple observational domains such as physical emanations, protocols,
locations, historical experiences and more.*

·         *Mobile Device and Attribute Validation *
by Steve Wilson, Lockstep Technologies & Kantara Initiative
*Mobile solution to enable the delivery of entitlements via digitally
signed attributes using mobile devices as a platform while ensuring the
validity attributes, the provenance of attribute sources, and confidence of
using a trusted device*

·         *Emergency Responder Authentication System for Mobile Users*
by Michael Schwartz, Gluu, Inc. & Kantara Initiative
*Solution to leverage tools, rules, smartphones and advances in identity
federation techniques to meet the need for electronic verification of
identity, skills, and authorizations while simultaneously allowing for
greater accountability on the scene of a disaster*

·         *Match / No Match Identity Validation Service*
by Steve Race, Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program
*I**mplementation of a technical match/no-match identity validation
services and associated policy recommendations on its effective use*

·         *Composite Identity for High Assurance Remote Identity Proofing*
by David Fisher, Card Smart
*Implementation of a non-KBV/KBA based approach to establish a link between
a particular set of data and an individual*

·         *Decentralized Key Management System Using Blockchain*
by Drummond Reed, Evernym
*Develop a de-centralized key management system using the NIST 800-130 CKMS
framework which particular attention to the user experience of key recovery*

·         *Fit-for-Purpose Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) Technology*
by Manu Sporny, Digital Bazaar, Inc.
*Implementation of a generalized, interoperable, configurable ledger
technology that can support application specific needs while using a
common, extensible core data model*

·         *Digital Identity Leveraging Privacy-Enhancing Distributed Ledger
by Chris Chapman, SecureKey & DIACC
*Design, development and implementation of a population scale architecture
to clearly separates login capabilities from attribute delivery using
distributed ledger (blockchain) technologies.*


Please feel free to either forward this invitation (or provide the
registration link *http://bit.ly/CyberShowcase17
<http://bit.ly/CyberShowcase17>*) to your networks both inside and outside


*3:30 PM // Data Privacy R&D Track Introduction*

by Anil John, DHS S&T Program Manager

·         *Privacy Preserving Federated Search and Sharing *
by Shane Clark, Raytheon BBN Technologies
*Combine predicate based encryption and attribute based encryption with
policy reasoning technologies to provide a unique information sharing
capability that supports policy compliant federated searches across both
structured and un-structured data*

·         *PriFi Networking for Tracking-Resistant Mobile Computing*
by Ludovic Barman, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
*Development of an anti-tracking and location-private network access
mechanism to protect members of an organization via both privacy protected
WiFi networking and Virtual Private Networking*

·         *Differentially Private Anomaly Detection*
by Rebecca Wright, Rutgers University
*Develop a framework for a privacy respecting screening capability to
detect individuals, behaviors, areas, or data samples of high interest*

·         *A Platform for Contextual Mobile Privacy*
by Serge Engelman, UC Berkley ICSI
*Development of a mobile phone based system to detect and raise events
deemed to be privacy sensitive by the user, and subsequently, allows the
user to make informed decisions on invoking specific privacy protections*

Best regards,

-          Anil

Anil John

Program Manager, Identity & Privacy R&D

DHS Science & Technology Directorate

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Register Now for Free at the *event website* <http://bit.ly/CyberShowcase17>
(*http://bit.ly/CyberShowcase17* <http://bit.ly/CyberShowcase17>)
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