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Wed Apr 5 13:50:21 CDT 2017



With GDPR about one year out from taking effect the Kantara MarCom team is
creating some marketing and PR materials to build brand awareness and
position Kantara as a thought leader around this big change for the EU and
businesses working with the EU.  Kantara is doing some really significant
things around GDPR and we need a few moments of your time.  More
importantly, we need your advice and guidance. 


We'd like you to answer this question by April 7:   


What do you think will be the biggest change from the way your organisation
does business with EU-based customers today, compared to the way it does
business after the launch of GDPR on May 18, 2018?


The MarCom team will take all responses and use them to draft an article
that we will use for pitching to the press next month.  Anything we write
and use will be reviewed and approved by you BEFORE it is made public.
You'll be positioned as a thought leader and a member of Kantara's
Leadership Council.


The thought is to pitch this article in April leveraging the fact that we
are only a year away from the implementation of GDPR.  That could be a good
news hook.


In sum, please take a moment to read the question above and draft your
answer.  We'd like to have all responses by April 7 so we can hit our


Thank you in advance for your help and please reach out with any questions.




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