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Neil McEvoy neil.mcevoy at cbpn.io
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Hi Andrew

Agreed all round. I'm entirely happy for the output to be Kantara assets
and to use your collaboration tools to produce them.

What I would like to do is include a synopsis in one of my reports, which
also identifies the target audience and goals, which is this 'Digital
Scotland' paper:


You'll see I start to set the scene for developments such as a national
Bitcoin currency as a foundation for economic growth. Ideally our Kantara
resources would provide the blueprint for how to do so, and would be too
detailed to include here, so an overview that then leads to engagement here
for those working at the technical level would seem a good model.

Once complete I plan to submit this to the Scottish Government, to
encourage their adoption. The primary challenge I see is they may be too
slow to act, and also the general trends of the technology point to
de-centralized, citizen-owned data and services, hence why I'd also like to
promote it directly to citizens too, with a How To guide for setting up
your own digital identity et al.

Kind regards, Neil.

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On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 6:16 PM, Andrew Hughes <andrewhughes3000 at gmail.com>

> Hi Neil - both ideas sound very interesting!
> I think we need to update and re-approve the charter for the group - it's
> been quite a length of time since the original writing - a good opportunity
> to bring it up to current.
> One new aspect is that I'm asking every DG/WG to explicitly identify a
> Kantara Report or Recommendation that their group is working to develop.
> Among other things, Kantara offers a simple trade in return for open
> hosting of DG/WG forums: Kantara asks the groups to publish under the
> Kantara brand to increase value for the community. Kantara has a very
> flexible set of rules, and can accommodate most requests for publishing
> arrangements.
> So: please bring the great ideas! Blockchain ID and i-Voting are very
> interesting and have lots of space for innovation - exactly what Kantara
> seeks to support and give an incubation home to.
> andrew.
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> On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 6:30 AM, Neil McEvoy <neil.mcevoy at cbpn.io> wrote:
>> Hello Kantara Leadership team!
>> Recently we touched on re-activating my Cloud ID group, and I wanted to
>> start actioning this, with some dialogue here to kick things off..
>> In short:
>> *1)* I'd say the original charter is still ok, in terms of the basics of
>> defining IDaaS. There are lots of vendors who could help flesh out the
>> architecture stuff etc.
>> *2)* So the main step here is to fine-tine it with what's new, and I'd
>> like to propose a couple of ideas:
>> *a) Blockchain Identity:* How the IDaaS could incorporate the
>> blockchain. Here's my initial thoughts on the relationship:
>> http://cloudbestpractices.net/blog/blockchain-identity/
>> *b) i-Voting:* As I mention I think digital government and democracy is
>> the 'killer app', and I'd like to address specific use cases to describe
>> the details of how this might work, starting with my own personal passion
>> of Scottish Independence.
>> There will another referendum soon and I'd like define a blueprint for a
>> 'citizen-owned' approach to i-Voting. How might a trustworthy,
>> de-centralized system be implemented by the people?
>> Look forward to your thoughts.
>> Kind regards,
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