[KI-LC] Blockchain Identity and Scottish Independence

Neil McEvoy neil.mcevoy at cbpn.io
Mon Jul 25 08:30:54 CDT 2016

Hello Kantara Leadership team!

Recently we touched on re-activating my Cloud ID group, and I wanted to
start actioning this, with some dialogue here to kick things off..

In short:

*1)* I'd say the original charter is still ok, in terms of the basics of
defining IDaaS. There are lots of vendors who could help flesh out the
architecture stuff etc.

*2)* So the main step here is to fine-tine it with what's new, and I'd like
to propose a couple of ideas:

*a) Blockchain Identity:* How the IDaaS could incorporate the blockchain.
Here's my initial thoughts on the relationship:

*b) i-Voting:* As I mention I think digital government and democracy is the
'killer app', and I'd like to address specific use cases to describe the
details of how this might work, starting with my own personal passion of
Scottish Independence.

There will another referendum soon and I'd like define a blueprint for a
'citizen-owned' approach to i-Voting. How might a trustworthy,
de-centralized system be implemented by the people?

Look forward to your thoughts.

Kind regards,

Neil McEvoy
Founder and CEO
neil at cbpn.io
+1 (315) 636-4585
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