[KI-LC] Cloud Identity Summit - New Orleans

Colin Wallis colin_wallis at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 9 15:10:31 CST 2016

After our pre-Christmas push on nailing the European Idenitty Conference in Munich for May, it's time for the next one up!http://cis2016cfp.hubb.me/It's on the LC agenda for next week's call but I thought I would get something out now, so you have some time to consider and discuss with your WG participants.
I picked up on a tweet from Andi Hindle (ex Ping but still associated with this event) and reached out to him.This is what he came back with.  So some of our WG's works are of definite interest!!!
Let's have some ideas please!
Hey Colin! Nice to hear from you - I hope things are going well!Sorry for the delay in replying: I was out of the office for a while during the Christmas/New Year period.In terms of CIS: we have some content for UMA already, but mainly in the MasterClass (previously 'workshops').I'd love to see more ideas submitted. It would also be good to hear about MVCR, yes; and your idea about identity law is interesting as well - we do have a privacy track (Steve Wilson is running that for me), so I'd need to think about how best to fit further legal items in either within that track; or alongside it.Happy to have a chat over the phone at some point if we can figure out a decent time overlap between NZ and UK :)

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