[KI-LC] Kantara Reports IAF5415 and IAF5463

Ken Dagg kendaggtbs at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 07:57:44 CST 2016

Further to my previous email.

First, for some reason the attachments did not make it (thanks Rainer).
Hopefully they made it this time.

Second, Ruth pointed out that, according to the operating procedures,
the LC must approve these reports.

Sal, could this item please be added to the agenda of the next LC meeting?

Sorry for any confusion.




Happy New Year to everyone!

For your information, attached please find Word and PDF versions of two new
Kantara Reports that have been approved by the IAWG. Kantara IAF5415
provides a mapping between the IAF SAC and ISO/IEC 29115 (ITU-T X.1254)
while IAF5463 provides a mapping between the IAF SAC and NIST 800-63-2.

These reports are intended as *guidance* to those who wish to demonstrate
alignment to 29115 or 800-63-2, those who wish to develop profiles of the
SAC, or those who are responsible for reviewing or assessing Identity /
credential services. These reports are not mandatory parts of the IAF.

Ruth please put these reports on the agenda for the next Trust Framework
Solution Stakeholders Synchronization call.

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