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I think it’s more than UK, OIX etc repeat performance.  The banks are having to change so it would be very interesting to hear what they have to say.  Perhaps KI could pool feedback afterwards - one of my colleagues will be there so I/we could contribute. 

However, as usual in the banking sector (the last bastion of non-collaboration!), many banks are pursuing a point solution to meet internal needs.  Some wiser banks, stimulated by central banks, are taking a different route with a wider view.  Collaborative developments are starting to take place in UK amongst a few big dog companies in at least three sectors, including banking, that will provide consumers, SMEs, major companies and some government organisations with what they need to be able to do their trusted business in a re-usable way at high or very high assurance with their allies and partners operating at the same higher levels of assurance - and to do personal stuff too. Crucially, some major banks are saying that they do not want to be in the identity business.  They want to consume identities and related trusted attributes so that they can cut their huge compliance costs and also earn from the vast amounts of customer data that they hold but can’t yet leverage.   Zero Knowledge Proof solutions are of increasing interest to them - such as Sedicii - particularly where a large organisation is developing an Omnichannel capability to their individual customers, backed by customer data analytics.  This dramatically improves the customer experience and reduces costs and risks.

The UK national situation has become more complex and confused.    Brexit has compounded this further and no one really knows what is going to happen.  The new government continues to reorganise internally.
As far as is known, the UK is the only government in Europe or Asia with an identity programme (Verify) currently working at LoA2.  All others are at or moving to LoA 3 or 4.  Of these, the majority have legal requirements for face 2 face enrolment and hardware tokens.  A small but increasing number of nations are moving to three biometrics - face, finger and iris/retina/palm.  Voice, video, biometric signature, FR and behaviour are being considered by some for additional authentication.  Very High Assurance device authentication & mutual authentication are also being considered and with at least 6 new LoA4 trusted smartphones with TEE, TPM, TUI and TBI, now in the marketplace, it is a matter of months before the first governments approve LoA4 e-ID on such smartphones for all legislative requirements.  
Within UK gov, taxation (HMRC) and benefits/pensions (DWP) departments have already publicly declared that the LoA2 (Verify) solution is “second rate” and they are developing an alternative at higher LoA.  Police, health and defence are either at LoA 3+ or considering their own plans.  There is no meaningful central focus in UK government with which industry can discuss national and international business needs.
Industry is facing a wave of new legislation that requires LoA 3+ either explicitly or implicitly because of the increased compliance risks and international supply chain operability requirements.  These include GDPR, AML4, PSD2, NIS Directive and eIDAS in the EU. New US, S Korean and Chinese requirements are additional. We expect more nations to do likewise.
Industry is also facing business requirements for additional trust functions, particularly to support more complex interactions with networks and privacy & delegation requirements.  Emerging counter fraud, anti-counterfeit parts, device authentication, trust chain management, trusted block chains and national surveillance/public safety requirements are additional.  The FBI Director’s latest statements are interestingly collaborative.
It is true that a number of block chain start ups are focusing on LoA2 for low value, consumer business, but the more mature players are looking closely at both the increasing regulatory requirements and new business requirements coming from leading banks.  Part of the reason for this is to meet tighter counter fraud and cyber security insurance control requirements and re-insurance requirements.  It’s all about the money!

As we discussed, the Future of Identity conference/workshop in Estonia 1-3 Sep (including hackathon), significantly supported by the Estonian government, is focused on leveraging e-Residency internationally, to lift the current 10k users to 10M in the next phase.  There are many reasons why this could be attractive to banks, telcos, other companies and business in general.  I will be there throughout and Colin will be there for Day 2 and 3.   If anyone else from KI wants to attend and have a 75% discount, they are welcome to contact me and I will send them a formal invitation.   See www.futureofidentity.org for further info.  This meeting will enter new territory!  Oh, and I have Sedicii, a privacy lawyer and law enforcement and a security expert on my panel on surveillance & privacy, which will be fun.  

Let me know what you think!



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On 11 Aug 2016, at 18:49, Andrew Hughes <andrewhughes3000 at gmail.com> wrote:

As far as I can tell, the agenda is already baked.

Lots of banks, OIX, OIX-UK and Self-Sovereign/Blockchain people...

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Are we all getting this?
I ask because I have a potential clash (ISSE in Europe).

Thoughts on any submissions? I haven't checked timeframes on that.


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ECN is pleased to announce the forthcoming Identity & KYC Summit US
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Dear Colin,

ECN is pleased to announce the Identity & KYC Summit US, which will take place in New York on November 16.

The program has been described as “a technology- and opportunity-focused take on the KYC challenge”, and “not your typical AML conference”. The summit is the only end-user driven event to address how financial services firms can completely rethink the way identity works, and how this can feed through to cheaper and faster KYC and onboarding processes.
Senior-level representatives of leading firms will address the potential of self-sovereign and blockchain-based identity solutions to rework the identity authentication and KYC process, ensure privacy, drive down costs and empower customers.
Highlights include:
Amy Harkins, BNY Mellon will discuss evolving concepts of identity ownership, and how these impact the KYC process
Arie Levy-Cohen, SingularDTV will examine the latest advances in self-sovereign identity solutions
Kevin Nevias, UBS will give insights into cutting edge biometric systems, including eye scanning, facial recognition, and voice recognition
Evelyne Kanakis, JP Morgan will facilitate an interactive discussion on the use of artificial intelligence to make KYC cheaper and more reliable
Nikhil Aggarwal, Standard Chartered will examine how refining your data strategy can radically improve your KYC process
Graham Warner, Deutsche Bank will discuss how to build a compliant onboarding process that customers will find engaging and efficient 
To view the full agenda, click here <http://eventscreationnetwork.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1c30e760ad1fb44d66c4bd60b&id=a6ef918e2f&e=88cc75d4fc>.

Confirmed speakers include:
Deutsche Bank
Western Union
BNY Mellon
ANZ Banking Group
Open Identity Exchange
Fairfield County Bank
IDB Bank
Open Mustard Seed
Singular DTV
To take advantage of the earlybird discount, please click here <http://eventscreationnetwork.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1c30e760ad1fb44d66c4bd60b&id=0dfed8f249&e=88cc75d4fc>.  Book today and save up to $200! we operate an 'Every day is an early bird discount' whereby the price increases daily until it reaches the standard rate.  As such the best price is always today so don't delay - please book now

We look forward to welcoming you at the summit in November!
Secure Your Place Today
We hope you can join us and your industry peers, and look forward to welcoming you at the summit in November.

Kind regards,
Katie Giorgadze
Event Creation Network
Testimonials from previous events:
"Good presentations and panels, as well as great discussions with the participants on the side.  A very good event." Chekk
"ECN's gathering of opinion leaders from across the banking, financial services and technical sectors enabled the focused and timely feedback that benefited all." Open Identity Exchange
"Thank you for a great day. I enjoyed the programme and had some good take aways for my organisation in Denmark." Jyske Capital  
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