[KI-LC] Early look at the revised KI boilerplate slide deck

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Thanks Ken
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Subject: [KI-LC] Early look at the revised KI boilerplate slide deck
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I agree with Andrew - GREAT DECK. It's much more concise and crisp than we've had.
Further to Andrew's points:- a different style for each of the questions might work to link those slides back to the intro slide. I find that the "Raises questions" slide is missing something - a graphic of people pondering / thinking might work and would indicate questions to follow. I think putting the questions in bubbles a both the pondering person might be a little too cheesy. <<CW: Yea, too cheesy but it will give Jenna something to consider>>.
- would something like this work as the business question? How can I improve the security and privacy of my clients over my web channel- would the answer to the questions be something as cheesy as: Kantara Initiative? Then the following slide could be the Kantara mission.<<CW: A bit too generic and cheesy, but I get the idea>>
In addition to Andrew's points:- I don't find the arrows express the transformation idea. I'm not sure what simple graphic would work but what about a medieval village and a futuristic city linked be a gold brick road that morphs to a electronic bit stream<<CW: OK, something for Jenna to think about>>.
- I like the ideas expressed in the Kantara Values slide but I'd suggest expressing them in this way:Operating Trusted Accreditation, Approval & Certification programsDeveloping Privacy respecting solutionsEnabling the development of highly Secure solutions and practicesBridging technology and policy communities OR Enabling Communication between technology and policy communities <<CW: Again, good thoughts all, I prefer Option A (Bridging) for the last item>>. 
- I find the phrase "Kantara Initiative grows its record of accomplishments including:" to be awkward. Would this work "Kantara Initiative's growing list of industry recognized accomplishments include:"<<CW: that was me trying to shorten it.. actually I think both are too wordy.. neither option is concise enough.  On a slide deck we don't have to type every word>>
Again, it's the start to a great clear and concise deck.
My two cents,Ken

On Friday, 22 April 2016, Andrew Hughes <andrewhughes3000 at gmail.com> wrote:
Hi everyone - nice start!
A few items:- I know it's probably bad design practice, but I'd like to see subtle page numbers somewhere on the slides. The deck will sometimes be used in "voice-only" calls.- Does it make sense to have the 'questions' on pp6-8 in a different text style?- A missing question: How can businesses provide value and reach markets {something, something}- Don't take this the wrong way... but the Answer is *not* Strategic Vision. :)  - could it be:Innovate, Standardize, Deliver- Collaborate; Standardize; Propagate ;-)- Standardize Trust; Verify Execution- We have got to find a word other than Operationalize!- Slide 10 "Optimized"- Slide 16 "Propagate" (maybe?)

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Here it is folks..You can see how the text that you worked on for the flyer has been applied to slides.
The idea was to use this as a boilerplate and add, delete, modify slides as required.We'll store them on the wiki in due course.Comments welcome.CheersColin 		 	   		  


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