[KI-LC] Call to Action: Invitation to Review MVCR Draft v0.8 Spec

Mark Lizar - OCG m.lizar at openconsentgroup.com
Mon Apr 4 12:06:21 CDT 2016

Hi CISWG & LC,  

As you may or may not know, we have a monumental ambition of developing a v0.8 MVCR specification for the Kantara Community and for everyone to play with at IIW.   But, we do not have the resources in the CIS WorkGroup leadership alone to create a specification that meets all the requirements of interested stakeholders . A Consistent Consent Receipt Specification is  still a mighty ambition.  For that we would need more expertise participation and support. 

I have spent a considerable amount of effort editing the  specification so that it can be cut to just the MINIMUM MVCR. That being said,  it is now edited  in a structure that covers the key conformance profiles for the MVCR and I hope, would appease all stakeholders requirements.   (please review)  

The link to the specification edit Draft v0.8   https://github.com/KantaraInitiative/CISWG/blob/master/MVCR-Spec/mvcr-v.08/MVCR%20v0.8-Draft.md <https://github.com/KantaraInitiative/CISWG/blob/master/MVCR-Spec/mvcr-v.08/MVCR%20v0.8-Draft.md>

(—>  NOTE:  We have been working really hard on getting this together, but, I have run out of time. It still needs editing  (will happen)  < — ) 

Special thanks to John W and Justin/Sarah and Oliver for their inputs to make this edit possible. 

Kind Regards,


Special NOTE: we the CISWG need to make the decision of wether or not we should cut this spec down to the MINIMUM MVCR profile, but, before we do this, I would like to  invite those who may be patiently waiting a chance to support and contribute to this work.   If there is enough interest,  we can choose to work on the full specification and on the MINIMUM MVCR in tandem.  In my opinion, the specification should be one document that meet the needs of the stakeholders, but I agree with the WG, the stakeholders needs to show interest and contribute. 

As a result, this is a Call to Action Invitation Wish List, calling out the supporters of the MVCR to give a hand.   

Inviting with the most respect: 

- Oliver to help finish the implementation for Kantara MINIMUM MVCR, (set meeting with me) 
- Kantara LC: Especially Trusted Services: UMA, IRM, IAWG - Review and trusted services use case? 
- Justin & Sarah could look at the field data components to help validate the machine readability and scope aspects.  Justin to look at scope section and comment on Appendix with JSON components
- John to be editor of the MINIMUM MVCR Conformance, Guidance and Example
- Iain Implementers Guidance in spec and  Marketing -  white paper collaboration. 
-  Scott David, to review compliance liability and claims: i.e. explicit consent components, in particular, explicit consent referencing to regulation and sensitive personal data requirements. 
- John, and Mark -  could address spec comments, asynchronously,  if he is available, and I can work on producing content; white paper, blog post, . 
- Heather - Invite to assist John & Mark with editing
- Doc & Customer Commons:  The consent type can be UST defined and posted at customer commons, using the same consent receipt format to relay terms. 
- ISO SG:  As for conformance to explicit consent requirements, I suggest we direct those requirements to the ISO Study Group dealing with this, and perhaps ask NAT to help with a review of the Explicit ISO Profile 
-  Synergetics: review for auditing and logging  and interoperable governance on trusted networks. 
- MYData Team ; review for auditing and logging  and interoperable governance on trusted networks. 
- Mary -  IDESG, NIST Controls
- Joel - Real Consent Content
- Colin - PR Resources and  Kantara Blog Posts

All very achievable in the next three weeks. if we have the interest resources. 

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