[KI-LC] [Kantara - Community] Of Possible Interest: IEEE-ISTO Member Only Webinar - Ecosystem IP Management for Market Collaborations

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Thu Sep 24 15:53:52 CDT 2015

Greetings Colin,

Thanks for the question.  I think the webinar is informative, but likely
not to solve our open item around moving IP around from policy to policy.
I'll be presenting for Kantara to explain how our IP model works and how it
helps to encourage collaborations.  MIPI, another program of the ISTO, will
also be presenting.  They run the more traditional model where one MUST
join to gain access to IP.  We're at ends of the spectrum.

For the LC issue I might suggest we schedule a special call to focus on
that issue alone and be sure to have Board reps like Robin Wilton and Allan
Foster join where we can brainstorm in real time.  Perhaps there are a few
reps in LC who are more eager, like the leadership etc and we could run an
ad-hoc to develop some proposals.

That's my suggestion, for consideration, on the way forward to solve this

- Joni

Best Regards,

Joni Brennan
Kantara Initiative | Executive Director
email: joni @ kantarainitiative.org

Connecting Identity for a more trustworthy Internet - Overview

On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 1:45 PM, Colin Wallis <colin_wallis at hotmail.com>

> Hey Joni
> Would this Webinar help inform the problem Kantara has, with regard to
> different IP regimes in WGs that need to collaborate?
> And any approaches to solve?
> Cheers
> Colin
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> Subject: [Kantara - Community] Of Possible Interest: IEEE-ISTO Member Only
> Webinar - Ecosystem IP Management for Market Collaborations
> Dear Kantara Community,
> Please find included details of your possible interest regarding an
> upcoming IEEE-ISTO Member only webinar.  Kantara Initiative Members are
> eligible to attend. Registration information is included.
> Best Regards - Joni
> IEEE-ISTO is hosting a member only webinar on 30 September.  In this
> webinar, you will hear from IEEE-ISTO program leaders on the topic of Intellectual
> Property <http://bit.ly/1MpNrIA>.   For full details, please see below.
> *IEEE-ISTO Member Only Webinar*
> *What *- IEEE-ISTO Webinar - Managing Ecosystem Intellectual Property:
> Driving Successful Outcomes via Market Collaborations
> *When *- 30 September 2015, 11 AM EDT
> *Abstract*
> While technical associations and other organizations regularly generate
> intellectual property, protecting and leveraging it is rarely a top
> priority.
> In this webinar, you will learn:
>    - How intellectual property considerations are managed in some
>    IEEE-ISTO federation member programs
>    - Understand the value of the policies they employ
>    - Leverage your association’s intellectual property
>    - Discover models that can potentially grow non-dues revenue and
>    create value for your members
> *This special presentation is exclusive for IEEE-ISTO member program
> participants. *
> <http://bit.ly/1MpNrIA>
> *Speakers*
> *Adam Newman*, Sr. Director Business Development & Alliance Management,
> IEEE and IEEE-ISTO Executive Relationship Manager
> Mr. Newman has more than 20 years industry experience in developing and
> managing business related to technology development. He is responsible for
> developing and diversifying the business of the IEEE Standards Association
> as well as the IEEE Industry Standards Technology Association. He’s been an
> in demand speaker at conferences throughout the world on technical and
> business issues surrounding telecommunications interconnection, numbering
> and number portability and he holds a patent in that area. He has also
> provided testimony at the Congressional and Senate Committee and
> Sub-Committee level and has been a frequenter presenter at the FCC and its
> North American Numbering Council. He is a member of ASAE.
> *Peter Lefkin, CAE*, Managing Director, MIPI Alliance, IEEE-ISTO
> Peter Lefkin is the Managing Director of the MIPI Alliance since February
> 2011, having returned to the role after leading the establishment of its
> operational support structure in 2004.
> The MIPI Alliance Managing Director is the senior staff executive
> responsible for all MIPI Alliance activities and operations from strategy
> development to implementation. The Managing Director serves by appointment
> of the MIPI Alliance Board of Directors. Peter also serves in the role of
> Corporate Secretary.
> Prior to joining MIPI Alliance, Peter served in various roles in support
> of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO) as
> one of two founding employees. Peter served as ISTO’s COO/CFO from January
> 1999 through February 2009 after which his focus was dedicated to support
> the vision, mission, goals and growth of the organization through business
> development and marketing as its Business Development and Marketing
> Executive from February 2009 through February 2012. During this time, Peter
> led the formation of the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) in the
> role of Director to develop conformity assessment programs in support of
> IEEE Standards.
> *Joan Brennan*, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative, IEEE-ISTO
> Joni has over a decade of service to the IEEE Standards Association (SA)
> and Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO) as a
> Technology Evangelist. In this role, Joni builds diplomatic and
> collaborative relationships within and across communities of interest.
> She leads Kantara Initiative as their Executive Director. Kantara
> Initiative, a Trust Framework Provider, provides Accreditation and Approval
> verifications for Identity Providers / Credential Service Providers to be
> deemed qualified to connect to the US federation hub Connect.gov. Joni has
> helped to ensure that the Kantara Initiative program is aligned with
> OpenStand principles and referenced in multiple eGovernment strategies
> including: United States, Government of Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden.
> She has provided talks around the globe covering Identity Federation and
> Privacy for organizations including RSA, IdentityNext .SE, Federal Weekly,
> and CA Luminaries (one of a select chosen industry speakers). She
> participates in international organizations and industry standards
> committees including: OECD ITAC, ISOC, IEEE, OASIS SSTC, ISO SC27 WG5, and
> ITU-T SG17 Q6. She has served as the NSTIC / IDESG Trust Framework WG
> Chair. She has provided testimony regarding Trusted Identity and Access
> Management systems for the US Office of National Coordinator (ONC) Health
> IT Security and Privacy (HITSP) committee as well.
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