[KI-LC] Attention Working Group Leaders Please review

Jane Celusak j.celusak at ieee.org
Mon Nov 9 13:55:39 CST 2015

Working Group Leaders,

Below please find a few working group IPR scenarios that have potential
conflicts for discussion in the upcoming “Group of 5” conference call.  If
you have any additional example scenarios to add to this list please email
me and I will add it to this list.  Please respond by Wednesday 11 November
2015 close of business.

*Working Group IPR Scenarios*

Use Case #1:

Working groups have the ability to choose from 1 of 3 Kantara Initiative
IPR options.  What is the correct procedure to move the IP from one working
group to another working group when the first and second group are using
different IPR options?

Example:  WG A uses CCSA and WG B uses Patent Copyright RAND. How can this
transfer be achieved?  What is the policy recommendation from Leadership?

Use Case #2:

IP exists in an archived KI working group.  What is the procedure to open
for contribution IP from an archived working group in an active working
group given differing IPR options between the archived WG and the Active
WG?  Is there other considerations on the transfer if the WG’s have the
same IPR in moving the IP from one to another?  Seeking recommendation for
this issue?

Use Case #3:

A WG wishes to have multiple streams of work under multiple IPR options,
for example:  Work Group Track 1 is under CCSA, Work Group Track 2 is under
Apache.  Currently a WG can only use 1 IPR.  Seeking a recommendation on
how to leverage more than one IPR under the same group.

Legal council will be sought for advice.

Best regards,

Jane Celusak
Program Manager
Kantara Initiative
Piscataway, NJ USA 08854
(o) 732.562.6056/(c) 973-951-4565
.celusak at ieee.org
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