[KI-LC] Propose to change bridge service - Gotomeeting

Joni Brennan joni at kantarainitiative.org
Fri Nov 6 11:24:41 CST 2015

Dear LC,

I am reviewing plans to move our telecom services to Goto meeting for all
WGs / DGs.  This message is to make you aware of the approaching change.
If there are concerns please advise ASAP. However, I believe the new
service will be a big improvement for our globally positioned membership.

In review of the service it strongly appears that the Goto is much better
positioned for our needs.  All groups would have screen sharing, VOIP, HD
audio, etc...

We would still require that groups do NOT over lap call times as we would
be sharing one room - at least to begin.

The Kantara team will make a plan to transition all of the groups in the
very near term. We hope that this change will bring better quality to your
participation experience.

Best Regards,
- Joni
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