[KI-LC] eBallot is now OPEN for Approval of the OTTO WG Charter

Marissa Jadrosich marissa at kantarainitiative.org
Fri May 22 14:38:04 CDT 2015

Dear Leadership Council:

The eBallot is now* OPEN* to approve the OTTO WG Charter.

To cast your vote, please click on the link below:


To locate the document for review, please go to


The evote will be open for 10 days starting today, May 22 st, 2015 and*
close EOB on June 1st, 2015.*

*To pass,a majority of the voting members of the LC shall constitute of
quorum with a Simple Majority of those voting to pass which means
affirmative votes of more than fifty (50%) of all Members in Good Standing
(excluding abstentions).*

Kind regards,


Marissa Jadrosich
Program Manager for Kantara Initiative
Phone:  732-465-5895
Email:  marissa at kantarainitiative.org
Website:  www.kantarainitiative.org
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