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Lovely idea, but member states have strong views and very different situations.  And the Euro is under a lot of strain as we watch the Greek situation worsen.  For those not aware, there are really only two outcomes:  Greek exit and financial collapse unless/until others finance Greece, potentially including Russia or China or the markets - or different EU banks (particularly German) take the hit; or, the EU (Germany in particular) breaks EU rules and funds Greece to stay in, which would create a precedent for Spain, Italy and Portugal to claim similar help.  

Is there a role for trust and IDM under this situation?  Yes, a lot.  But the devil is in the detail and there is lot of it.  I suggest you watch the ETSI Security Week end of June, that where the EU & international cyber discussions, including identity, are happening.

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(apologies) and now with link:

http://ec.europa.eu/priorities/digital-single-market/ <http://ec.europa.eu/priorities/digital-single-market/>

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Seeking to level the playing market in the EU

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