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Thanks Ken
I shall make it so!
("There are no escapees from Ken Dagg's watchful gaze... " :-) :-))
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I really like the write Up! However, I would suggest a minor tweak to the title: Connnected Life and Industry 4.0: How to bridge to these worlds
Great job,Ken

On Thursday, 17 December 2015, Colin Wallis <colin_wallis at hotmail.com> wrote:

Thanks so much everyone
Navigating a middle path through those comments, we end up with this!
I'll send it to Kuppinger Cole in a couple of hours unless I hear howls of protest :-).
Mike.. best start making travel plans my friend - you are on the slate! Ingo has an easier trip, and Eve has it done already I guess...:-) 
Actually, it's looking like we'll make quite a crowd there.. If you add the EU based eGov folks - Rainer, Keith, Thomas.., the UMA crowd (Maciej, Andi et al), the IdoT crowd (Frank, Ingo et al), the CIS crowd (Mark, Iain et al) the IRM crowd (Ian G, Sal, et al) and hopefully a few of us outliers, it's turning into quite some numbers. Okay, we don't need to charter a jet or a train just yet, but yea... it's getting up there..!   Thanks again!CheersColin 
"Connnected Life and Industry 4.0: How to bridge these worlds" 
Identity is a critical component of the Industry 4.0 and Connected Life digital transformation. This workshop comprises interesting sessions that explore the evolution of how our interpersonal lives weave through industry.  The innovation and adoption of IoT technologies is changing the world as we know it providing vast potential for economic growth and social prosperity. But the risk vector is significant. Mitigating those risks will help to ensure the realization of the broadest positive impacts for social, corporate, national and global prosperity. Come and hear about the activities of the Kantara Initiative and of others, working to reduce the challenges and leverage these opportunities.  In this workshop, we will discuss both policy and protocol implications, especially data protection, access management, and privacy controls. Specific topics include privacy best practices for IoT, the influence of blockchain on identity, and Kantara's approach to OAuth for identity federation at scale via its OTTO Working Group. 

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