[KI-LC] Agenda for 16 December LC Call

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Thanks Jane
Re item 5:  WG Updates a: 2016 funding requests - updateI expect we will have various  general WG updates this week, in addition to funding requests. Could we add that as b?
Could we also add a new agenda item: Kantara Workshop at EIC 2016.We need to finalize the title and abstract. We have a suggested way forward with OTTO and IdoT, but this will be the last call for any additional approaches.   

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Subject: [KI-LC] Agenda for 16 December LC Call

Working Group Leaders:  Please take careful note of the Working Group updates in the minutes from November and December which are linked in the agenda.  The working group updates require clarification and many of the acronyms are incorrect.
Send your comments and edits on the agenda to me:  Make your minutes corrections directly on the documents - Thanks -

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