[KI-LC] Herewith Quarterly Report from CISWG

Iain Henderson iain at thecustomersvoice.com
Sat Dec 12 15:34:49 CST 2015

The highlight of the quarter was a series of presentations given by John
Wunderlich at the VRM day and IIW conferences in Mountain View. This
sharpened up our presentation material and gave the concept of consent
receipts good exposure. The net result of the presentations was 'carry on
with the plan'; ie no showstoppers emerged from a well informed audience,
but no big influx of resource emerged either.

Behind the scenes, a small core of people is doing the bulk of the work,
and as ever it is difficult to find a good call time that works across all
geographies. At the present the core team range from China through UK to
West Coast USA. So, progress is slow, but we hope to bring what we have
together in a public facing web site at ConsentReceipt.org over the next
two weeks. In that mode, we will try to paint the bigger picture, but also
make possible the two party use case; ie any independent developer can go
to the above site and read and see enough to build a standard consent
receipt into their web site - based on the Minimum Viable Consent Receipt
spec (0.7).

Latterly, led by Mary Hodder, we have began a work strand entitled User
Submitted Terms. This work, being done in conjunction with Customer
Commons, aims to produce a series of standardised terms that a potential or
existing user of a service can assert their preferred terms around various
aspects of their engagement with the service.
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