[KI-LC] Update Privacy Day Proposal

Mark Lizar mark at smartspecies.com
Fri Dec 4 06:49:14 CST 2015


with some great feedback with have updated the proposal please find v.2. attached.

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Kantara Initiative Proposal

 <>CISWG is looking for commitment of $7,500 in funding from Kantara Initiative to continue to develop the consent receipts and user submitted terms. Matching funds would be obtained from another, to be determined, organization.

The funds would be used engage resources in support of the I DON'T AGREE Campaign being proposed for Privacy Day 2016 (January 28th).  The funds will be used to purchase a gold sponsorship in the campaign scheme and subsequently used to develop a website for the registration of consent and submit terms.

The plan for the first Privacy Day is to provide a survey for people to Withdraw Consent or ask for a subject access report, and to develop a template letter to companies that will references the existing and emerging privacy/consent laws relevant to the company requests. The web site, survey, consent receipts and template letter will prominently display Kantara Initiative's logo.

To facilitate the kick off of this project we are seeking for half of the required minimum amount from Kantara to kick off the project and this also marks the start of the project planning for the January event

The minimum viable Campaign plan will focus on the launch the campaign in the UK, and, with funds permitting, use the project kit to other jurisdictions starting with the US.  The funds from Kantara and Match would need to be provided no later than January 5th, in order for the campaign to go ahead.   CISWG welcomes suggestions for potential partners at this point.

In terms of sponsors who will be offered the opportunity to place their logo on the consent receipt, we will make it very clear that this a trusted and new type of advertising opportunity where people and companies will receive the logo, via a consent receipt, and a link to companies services will be required to be usable in the context of consent transaction.  As a result, we require sponsors that have a good reputation and ideally whom represent technologies that are relevant to the context of the campaign. (i.e. identity management)

 Key Benefits

-       CIS-WG consent receipt approaches and techniques would be greatly advanced by having them tested in a real world situation.

-       Kantara Initiative would become visible to a large number of organizations
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