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Many thanks MarkSo when you say you want Kantara to underwrite 'half the minimum spend', can you be more specific?There are the 3 sponser packages. Are you proposing half of the Silver $2.5K package?CheersColin 
We have a bit of time now that the review of these is slated for the BoT meeting after tomorrow's. 
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Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 21:40:34 +0000
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Subject: [KI-LC] CIS-Wg Proposal

Dear LC, 
   We are looking at Kantara for half of the minimum spend to be able to progress, and this is dependant on finding match funding/sponsorship in the next month to January 5th, in order for the campaign to go ahead.  (sponsorship proposal attached) 

Summary Description

 We, the Open
Consent Group and the Consent & Information Sharing Work Group, would
like to invite the Kantara community to sponsor a beautiful civic campaign called ‘I
Don’t Agree’ for Privacy Day, January 28, 2016.  The aim of this campaign is to utilize
Kantara based consent and information sharing work efforts to provide a platform
for a cross Kantara Initiative in 2016.   The aim is to provide a survey for people to
communicate with companies about existing consent and
subject access legal requirements in the UK and the US on Privacy
Day. The result will be a lot of research and engagement around
personal data control, consent, and the resulting impact on the identity
management industry.    The goal of the
project is to start a year long project that will aim to develop an
interoperable ecosystem that can meet the demands of the imminent privacy and
consent regulations that are coming into force in 2017.The objective of this funding would be to show capacity and
scalability of the consent receipt and terms, then, with this in hand, produce
a larger Pilot proposal that is potentially inclusive of the WG efforts in
Kantara, as well as including parties external to Kantara. Many of the WG’s and
supporting companies in Kantara have projects that can conceivable be placed in
a single landscape.   Ideally, from my perspective, a community roadmap
for collaboration would provide a shared vision and provide the support needed
to turn a campaign into some that is really usable.  

Working Hypothesis

That the infrastructure for people
to communicate about consent and subject access with companies independently of
companies silo’s is needed.  People  can assert their own consent preferences and
data access policies in a discoverable manner to companies that will result in
a trusted form of identity relationship management.  The resulting research would be very valuable
to . build a program for
developing a Kantara wide approach to emerging privacy, consent,
and data access requirements that are required across industries and

The Consent and Information
Sharing WG has been working on a consent record specification that aims to
standardize the ability for people to directly interact with companies in
accordance with regulation.The campaign would provide
needed education
and awareness about personal data rights under existing mandatory statutes and
regulations.Giving a workable method for people to exercise those rights,
initially in 2016.  Starting with a way: -      
in the US for People to request "do you have data about
me" and if so, to request "access to the data about them". 
In the UK for people to user consent requirements to interact with
companies to manage consent preferences and engage with companies in a way that
people can more easily trust

Objectives and Output																																·      
Project Objectives: List objectives·       Develop
a website for the registration of consent and subject access requests for the privacy
day·       Providing
a survey for people to:·       Withdraw
Consent or ask for a subject access report, with the click of a button: (get a
receipt)·       Person
(sets campaign preferences - puts in name and petition information) (and person
can stop here) or keep going. ·       Activates
a withdraw consent page with (at least) 2 options: ·       Option
1:  page for company selection and a way to provide consent preferences or
(User Submitted Terms) to the company·       Option
2: select a range of companies using the Open Corporates API to send a request
for a subject data report from companies that have data without consent. ·       Option
3: A reminder sent to the person on Privacy Day reminding them at 12:12 noon to
click the I Dont agree button and activiate their petition, providing a method
of civic ‘Mass
Action’ for the
use of digital rights·       This
would include developing a template letter to companies that will references
the existing and emerging privacy/consent laws relevant to the company
requests. ·       This
would include developing a template letter from companies, that can be filled
out with the use of a survey that will references the company privacy policy
and the practices that the companies use to manage personal data.  I.e. transparency over privacy by design. ·       Providing
a way for organisations to respond to many requests at once, and provide a
custom from to people so that they can engage directly with the company.·      
Project Outputs:·     
Follow Up after Jan 28, 2016o  
provide data reporting and analytics on consent and preference
use, to orgs, and facilitate  use of standards and open consent in this
provide a report to all those who participate with a roadmap of
activity leading up to the 2017 Privacy Day action. 

 Benefits The
project is aimed at the consumer and company landscape in the UK and the US,
but, not limited to these jurisdiction’s. 
The potential reach of a 100,000 people and 10,000 companies for Jan 28,
2016, and 10x this amount of reach for 2017 with a comprehensive approach from
the Kantara community.


  Cost Category
  Amount Allocated
  Project Manager
  $   1200
  $   6000
  $   4000
  $   800
  Analytics & Reporting
  $   2000
Total of 14000 of pledges to go ahead with the project. 

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