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Just one other thought for the agenda..
Given the anouncement on the partnership with CCICADA (DHS)/Rutgers and Kantara, and our own LC WG budget requests for current and new work, I'm thinking that 'research and pilot grants' should have their own section on the website linked back to the wiki... of course along with requests for interest in joining the community, matching funding etc.. 
It's emerging as a significant aspect of 'what does Kantara do?', so maybe it deserves showcasing.
There may be some implications (I can think of some!) but overall, I think we could manage the risks while optimizing the opportunity.
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Thanks Jane
Regrets from me I'm afraid. The day is packed with meetings (I am hosting our esteemed Kantara President this week!) but I'll hop on if there is a space.
To help on responding to the agenda, there has been no BoT call since our last LC call, so Ken and I have nothing to report there. Our next BoT call is tomorrow. 
Sal's project proposals looks very interesting and the IdoT DG folks will lead us to a view, I'm sure!

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Subject: [KI-LC] Draft Agenda

Hi Everyone,
Due to the Holiday and Vacation the regular process was not following in creating an agenda for tomorrow's meeting.  I have started an Agenda here: http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/LC/December+2%2C+2015+Agenda
Please let me know of any additions or corrections.
Best regards,
JaneJane CelusakProgram ManagerKantara InitiativePiscataway, NJ USA 08854(o) 732.562.6056/(c) 973-951-4565j.celusak at ieee.org

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