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Sat Apr 11 17:19:19 CDT 2015

Quarterly Report
> 1. What is the hot topic in your WG or DG this week/month?

IIW was Epic for the Consent Receipt this week.  There was a great deal of interest in the Consent receipt thanks to Mary’s handwork on presenting consent receipts over the last year. We have found a little bit of funding to pay for some of Justins time to develop the technical side of the consent receipt.  This is tremendously good news. 

Open Notice and CISWG are working hard on proposing the move of the TOSSBack policy registries into an international trust registry program being announced at RSA.  This is a perfect home for the consent receipt alpha generator that Kanatara has recently funded. 

There  is a lot of interest in creating a consortium to do this. We will provide updates on this going forward. 

> 2. What events are members of your group planning to attend in the next quarter where talking about Kantara might make an impact?

EIC in May the next event CISWG will be represented at.  
> 3. What deliverables is your group focusing on next out of your group's charter?

Our next deliverable is v0.7 of the MVCR specification, this will include the format and definition requirements and we are now also aiming for a technical model to be included. The v0.7 will be used to brief the development of the Alpha Consent Receipt Generator.  

As well, the new Open Notice website should be up shortly raising support for CISWG. We aim to launch a petition for consent and choice that we would like to send out to the trust services industry in order to gain momentum for the new work product that we expect later this year.  (more to come when the website is ready to show) 
> 4. What do you really want to get people excited about to encourage participation in your area?

Excitement about a consolidate global policy registry for trust and compliance would be well deserved.  This opens the way for real progress with the consent receipt bridging the OIX, OpenID, and UMA efforts with a legal light weight legal compliance framework for new and emerging legislation around the world. 

> 5. Any other comments you would like to raise for LC attention?

There are at least 4 funding opportunities for a grant writer. Mary has worked hard at raising match funding and we are now looking to move this forward to the BOT and including the global registry as well as the consent receipt in the scope of grant funding.  

All comments and advice in this regard would be well received. 

Best Regards, 

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