[KI-LC] Final Day to Vote for UMA @ RSAC!

Joni Brennan joni at kantarainitiative.org
Thu Apr 2 10:18:40 CDT 2015

Hello Community,

This is it...It's the final day to vote for RSA crowdsource sessions.
Here's your chance to support even more UMA in your RSA event. Please take
the time to give a quick thumbs up for these two UMA sessions.  We won't
mind if you tell your friends to do the same as well. Happy voting!

*Protect your privacy and control your personal internet of things with UMA*
- Sal D'Agostino, IDMachines
- http://t.co/KedIzLIT8R
- Summary:
UMA is an OAuth profile for distributed access control that puts the user
in charge of what gets shared and how it gets protected, even when the user
is not there! It meets the need to improve privacy and security in the
internet of things. See how to build the UMA stack including OpenID Connect
and OAuth components using low cost open source hardware (Raspberry Pi B),
OS (Debian) and a smart phone as credential. Physical access, home
surveillance (IP video) and home automation uses shown.

*Battle of the OAuth2 Profiles - OpenID vs UMA*
- Mike Schwartz, Gluu
- http://t.co/Oqg0F66Bhn
- Summary:
OpenID Connect allows clients of all types, including web-based, mobile,
native and javascript applications, to request and receive information
about authenticated sessions and end-users. So why do we need the User
Managed Access (UMA) version 1.0 profile of OAuth? Isn't OpenID Connect
good enough? This talk will discuss how UMA promises to standardize central
policy enforcement, enabling people and organizations to better secure APIs
and web resources across a heterogeneous vendor landscape.

Best Regards,

Joni Brennan
Kantara Initiative | Executive Director
email: joni @ kantarainitiative.org

Connecting Identity for a more trustworthy Internet - Overview
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