[KI-LC] UMA WG quarterly report for Q1 2015

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1. What is the hot topic in your WG or DG this week/month?

UMA V1.0 reaches Recommendation status!

2. What events are members of your group planning to attend in the next
quarter where talking about Kantara might make an impact?

IIW, HIMSS, RSA, EIC, ForgeRock Summit, CIS...

3. What deliverables is your group focusing on next out of your group's

Fostering interoperability through promoting a test suite, and adoption
through promoting implementations.

We are also preparing to contribute Independent Submissions to IETF in the
next small number of months.

We are also considering a charter revision process and seek any input/words
of wisdom on this.

4. What do you really want to get people excited about to encourage
participation in your area?

IoT authorization, consent, and privacy themes that go beyond the level of
regulatory compliance are key!

5. Any other comments you would like to raise for LC attention?

Liaison among the UMA, IDoT, IRM, and CIS efforts at this juncture would
likely be very fruitful. Is this something that can be accomplished given IP
regimes in place in the various groups? Can we take advantage of the
upcoming All-Hands and/or other F2F or virtual opportunities?

Also, FYI, we believe our budget request to the board for test suite
development will be imminently successful. Note that the draft test suite
for UMA is based on the one being developed for OIDC, so there may be
lessons that can be learned from the OIDC self-certification conformance

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