[KI-LC] Work Group Activity, Administration and Restructuring

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>From the LC agenda:<<B.  Resume and progress the notion of work groups coalescing around a small number (3 or 4) key themes.<<C. LC needs to look at the working groups and find where there is synergy and where there can be collaboration, and evaluate the meaningfulness of the various existing WGs. Call to action with a mandatory off cycle call. Discuss letter sent out by Pete and Sal.'...................................................................................................................................................OK, so I support the rationale, having seen the dynamics at play between IdoT, UMA and CIS at at the Kantara Workshop in Utrecht.
So what do we call these themes?? Maybe 'themes' is OK, or alternatively a word like 'forum'....and the WGs coalesce under a 'theme' or 'Forum' ... Yeaup, I get that.. I've heard Joni use the expression 'Connected Life' - I like it. So maybe one of the 'themes'/'forums' could be called that..
We have IRM formed, and AIM shutting down.  Not sure about Japan and some of the groups that don't meet so often..
We have our meaty 'Programs' - Assurance and (to a  lesser extent recently) Interoperability, tho' I hear that there are some interesting new things afoot with Interop. So bringing the Programs under one umbrella might make sense.
So what might the new shape look like? Existing Groups (have I missed any?)
Attributes In Motion WGBusiness Cases for Trusted Federations DGCloud Identity and Security Best Practices WGeGovernment WGFederation Interoperability WGHealth Identity Assurance WGIdentities of Things DGIdentity Assurance WGIdentity Relationship Management WG - Information Sharing WGJapan WG - is it still going?Trust Framework Meta Model WG - a possible sub of IAWG?User Managed Access WG How might they coalesce under a theme/forum?  A starter for ten..  Trust Framework Forum Identity AssuranceFederation InteroperabilityHealth Identity AssuranceeGovernmentTrust Framework Meta ModelBusiness Cases for Trusted FederationsCloud Id and Sec (could be in either forum)Japan WG (could be in either forum)  Connected Life Forum UMAConsent & Information SharingIdentities of ThingsIdentity Relationship Management Thing is, you could slice and dice this a number of ways..... The above feels too coarse grained..Maybe there is a better 3 or 4 way split..
Anyway, flame away folks.. :-)
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Subject: [KI-LC] Kantara LC - Work Group Activity,	Administration and Restructuring

Dear LC Members, The Kantara Initiative Leadership Council consists of the chairs and co-chairs of the 11 Working Groups with varied areas of interest, level of participation and longevity.  The Kantara Board of Trustees and the Kantara Leadership Council are in the process of re-examining the different work groups and looking for common themes that cross groups such as user managed access, internet of things, information sharing and others.  This includes looking at groups along themes and whether it make sense to consolidate or re-organize.  We will also be exploring the concept of affiliated clusters of groups This examination includes a look at the level of participation in groups, the charter and practice of the groups, and sees if they align with the overall goals of the Kantara Initiative in the form of work streams or products.  This may result in the the need to retire and archive groups, consolidate the administrative workstreams, and a renewed emphasis on Leadership Council participation. In order to make this the most effective and efficient process it requires the effort of all the working groups.  An organization needs a connection to its activities and the Leadership Council is where this collaboration can take place. As a call to action, we will be scheduling a *mandatory* off-cycle call for work group Chairs representatives to present and examine work group activities and complete the process.  Representatives of the discussion groups will also be invited. Thanks again everyone, Pete and Sal  ---This communication and any files or attachments transmitted with it may contain information that is confidential, privileged and exempt from disclosure under applicable law.  It is intended solely for the use of the individual or the entity to which it is addressed.  If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited by federal law.  If you have received this communication in error, please destroy it and notify the sender. 
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