[KI-LC] Action Regarding IAF Controlling Documents Home

Joni Brennan joni at kantarainitiative.org
Thu Oct 16 20:07:33 CDT 2014

Dear LC

After performing an initial investigation regarding the standing home page
of the IAF controlling documents, I have found disconnects and have have
updated the page to be current.

I suggest the initial action is closed but I propose a follow on LC


IAF docs can evolve independently.  This creates confusion. People expect
uniform version number when in fact some documents are in 2.0, one is in
4.0. We must be clear in message regarding the independent evolution OR
resolved to rev all versions even if a document has not changed.

Staff will work with the IAWG to ensure their document repository is up to
date and manageable.  This will take some real effort.

I ask the LC to work with staff to develop and approve an editors process.
I volunteer for heavy lifting but will rely upon your expertise to inform a
draft policy and instruction sheet.

I ask the LC leadership to add a standing item to the agenda called
"document management" so that we may review current practices, optimize,
and document accordingly.  We may develop a recommended tools list etc as

Thank you in advance.
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