[KI-LC] Kantara Initiative Call for Nominations for Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary

Marissa Jadrosich marissa at kantarainitiative.org
Thu Oct 9 08:20:29 CDT 2014


*Kantara Initiative Call for Nominations for Leadership Council Chair, Vice
Chair and Secretary*

Kantara Initiative Leadership Council Representatives:

In accordance with the Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures, this is a
formal Call for Nominations for the role of Leadership Council Chair, Vice
Chair and Secretary.  To review the Kantara Initiative Operating
Procedures, click here.

The duties and responsibilities of the Chair include:

   - Act as the chief administrator of the LC;
   - Schedule and serve as the chairperson of all meetings of the LC; and
   - Provide monthly reports to the Board of Trustees regarding the status
   and activities of the LC Groups.

The duties and responsibilities of the Vice Chair include:

   - The Vice-chair shall carry out the responsibilities of the chair in
   the absence of the chair, or in the event of the Chair’s inability or
   refusal to act.

The duties and the responsibilities of the Secretary include:

   - Produce and distribute the LC meeting minutes and attendance reports;
   - Maintain a log of all LC decisions with ongoing impact;
   - Maintain this Procedures and Guidelines document;
   - Assign Organization Recommendation numbers to all Member-approved
   Recommendations; and
   - Maintain the official public directory of those Recommendations

To submit a nomination or to self nominate, please send an email to
staff at kantarainitiative.org with the following information:

   - Name of Candidate or your name (if self nominating)
   - Email address
   - Position

All nominations must be submitted by *EOB on October 16, 2014*.  Any
nominations received after this date, will not be considered.  All
nominations submitted on time will be reviewed and voted upon by the voting
participants of the Leadership Council.

Should you have any questions in regards to this process, please see the
Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures.

Thank you and we look forward in hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Kantara Initiative
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