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Joni Brennan joni at kantarainitiative.org
Mon Jun 23 10:07:15 CDT 2014

Dear LC,

Are Kantara groups consider making submissions? We usually have an annual
workshop at SCA as well.

Best Regards,

Joni Brennan
Kantara Initiative | Executive Director
voice:+1 732-266-8994
email: joni @ kantarainitiative.org

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Subject: REMINDER: Call for Presentation Proposals--June 30
Deadline--Government Conference
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 REMINDER--Call for Presentation Proposals--Deadline: June 30
13th Annual Smart Card Alliance Government Conference
October 29-30, 2014 * Walter E. Washington Convention Center * Washington,

Dear Joni:

We are now inviting presentation submissions for the 13th Annual Smart Card
Alliance Government Conference - Smart Strategies for Secure Identity. For
guidelines on how to submit, please follow the link at:

The Smart Card Alliance program advisory committee, which is responsible
for finalizing the conference agenda, is seeking new topics for
consideration for this year's conference program consistent with its theme
of "Smart Strategies for Secure Identity." The proposed topics should
involve the government-lead policy and infrastructure changes for enhanced
security for physical and network (logical) access, trusted identities, or
healthcare information technology.

Where Industry and Government Come Together on Projects in ID and Security
The Smart Card Alliance Government Conference has developed a solid
reputation for comprehensive coverage of efforts toward strong
authentication technology in government identity programs. The program for
the Smart Card Alliance 13th Annual Conference will feature more than 75
government and industry leaders speaking on Personal Identity Verification
(PIV) credentials, government-focused efforts in the National Strategy for
Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) initiative, trusted ID on mobile
devices, developments in state and local ID programs, and global trends in
secure identification.

Examples of topics that the program committee will consider include:

Technology: Smart card-enabled identity credentials, mobile identity
credentials, ICAM access control hardware, software, PKI authentication, ID
management, biometrics, etc.
Use Cases: Federal and State Government PIV and PIV-I, Commercial CIV,
NSTIC, Internet/mobile ID, ID/access programs, etc.
Healthcare: Health ID and security, medical record security, EBT - both
uses cases and technology
International ID: Government-issued citizen ID, consumer ID initiatives,
Healthcare, etc.
Emerging Trends: Mobile device ID, ID management policy, cloud computing,
emerging market trends, etc.

The conference program steering committee favors vendor-neutral,
educational presentations that focus on the real-life applications of
identity and digital security technologies and systems. Proposals must be
submitted using the online form below. The deadline for proposal submission
is Monday June 30, 2014.

NOTE: Early submission is encouraged--topic selection is ongoing, so it is
best not to delay your submission until deadline.

I look forward to seeing you at this year's Government Conference.


Randy Vanderhoof
Executive Director
Smart Card Alliance

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