[KI-LC] Planning the next Kantara Plenary (Full) Meeting

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My vote is SCA in DC in October.


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Thank you for responding (so far).  I can tell you that the trending popular choices are
1. Co-located with SCA Wash DC | October ~14
2. Co-located with IETF Vancouver BC | November (perhaps directly after because RSA EU is nudged up directly against IETF)
If you have not responded yet please chime in for your chance to influence where and when we next meet as a full group!

On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 9:09 AM, Colin Wallis <colin_wallis at hotmail.com<mailto:colin_wallis at hotmail.com>> wrote:
Welcome to my world Mr Bradley.. :-)

(Maybe not for much longer, but still.. )

IDESG plenary dates (Sal mentioned it but didn't give dates) are:

24-26 July MIT Boston

16 - 18 October NIST, Gaithersberg

So the only space I can see in October is 14th/15th October, in the DC area, immediately before IDESG at NIST. Since John holds a position on an IDESG committee I guess he will be attending!

My prefs below



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It isn't an easy answer.  Oct and November are overbooked as it is.

Oct 3-4 is REFEDS
Oct 7-9 is O5 / OIX in London
Oct 21- 24 IIW
Oct 31-Nov 1 Interop at MIT
Nov 3 -8  IETF Vancouver
Nov 12-13 InCommon Advance Camp

I am probably going to have to skip IIW this year if I go to Boston.

If it is one or two days nest to another event in a city I am in I will go If I know before I book travel.

Last year I wound up being on the road for 4 strait weeks won't do that again

The weekend after IETF in Vancouver is the most likely between IETF and Advance Camp.

On 2013-06-06, at 9:37 PM, Joni Brennan <joni at ieee-isto.org<mailto:joni at ieee-isto.org>> wrote:

> Dear Leadership Council,
> On yesterday's LC call we discussed the next Kantara full organizational meeting.  We've not had one in a while (the last one was cancelled due to hurricane!) and we're looking forward to bringing all the groups together. I've put some recommendations below and am interested in hearing yours.  Please also note that it's up to the LC to plan the location and date for the next meeting.  From there staff can plan etc.  So where and when would you like to meet?

> The Event Radar page was used to bring some early thoughts below.
> 1. October - Kantara already has a workshop under planning for the Smart Card Alliance event in Washington DC.
> 2. October - The ForgeRock Community Identity Summit in London may provide god convergence point (but clashes with IIW)

> 3. November - IETF in Vancouver Canada may also provide good convergence.
> 4. Other suggestions?
> ------------ Brief Straw Poll ------------
> Given the above, which do you prefer:

> _x__ October (noting it's a busy month but we can co-locate)

> ___ November

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___________ specific dates suggested?
> Which do you prefer:
> ___ Europe

> x___ North America
> More specific:
> __x_ Washington DC

> ___ London
> ___ Vancouver
> ___________ Other (indicate)
> Would your organization have offices that could host an event?

> ___ Yes

> __x_  No

> ___________ Where?
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