[KI-LC] December 2012 Kantara Highlights

Joni Brennan j.brennan at ieee.org
Mon Jan 14 19:52:33 EST 2013

While December was a more quiet month then usual given the holidays we
still had some significant highlights.  See the details below.  Should
there be any comments or questions please share them.  We encourage this
report to be shared with others in your organization as a light update of
Kantara activities.

December 2012

   - Kantara Initiative WG / DG held teleconferences as per usual in
   - The Attributes in Motion WG kicked off with Allan Foster (ForgeRock)
   as acting chair.
   - The Board of Trustees held an extended working session to review
   current and project financials.  The will meet bi-weekly through the Q1
   of 2013 with main focus on financial reporting and activities to ensure
   collections are made and new revenue is generated.
   - The Leadership Council prepared to move the IAF v3 to All Member
   Ballot which is slated to begin in January.
   - The call for nominations for Trustee-At-Large seats (2) was
issued.  Kantara
   also extends thanks to the current Trustees-At-Large: Government of Canada
   and Terena
   - The Leadership Council accepted Allan Foster (ForgeRock) as one of the
   two liaison reps to the Board of Trustees (along with Colin Wallis of New
   Zealand Government). Kantara Initiative thanks Pete Palmer for his service
   as previous LC BoT liaison rep.
   - Kantara launched a technology preview of the Kantara Trust Registry
   (KTR).  The KTR is a registry of trusted signed Credential Service
   Provider (CSP) metadata.  It enables Relying Parties (and others) to
   view and consume trusted metadata from these CSPs. Industry and Government
   stakeholders are already reviewing possible use and re-use of the registry.
   Additionally Internet Society has kindly agreed to re-publish the tool
   creating further redundancy to the system.  Kantara is working with Asia
   (Japan) stakeholders for an Asia source as well. The KTR preview details
   can be found at http://kantarainitiative.org/ktr-preview/

*Newsworthy Items*

·       December 18, 2012 - Kantara Trust Registry – A

o   Kantara Initiative is pleased to officially launch a technology preview
of our Identity Assurance Approved Credential Service Provider (CSP)
Kantara Trust Registry (KTR). Kantara operates the service and invites all
communities to learn more about its application, share feedback,
collaborate, and redistribute this registry (enabling inter-federation).
For more information please contact us. What does the

·       December 4, 2012 - Kantara Testimony to ONC HITSC – Nov

o   Kantara had the honor to participate in a public testimony hearing for
the US Government “Trusted Identity of Patients in Cyberspace Hearing –
Policy: P&STT and the HITSC Privacy & Security Workgroup.” While the
actually speaking time was ~5 minutes, the Kantara full testimony is posted
below and all the panel testimonies are posted here.

*Upcoming Meetings/Events*

   - February 2013 - RSA Security Conference (planning underway)
   - March 2013 – HIMSS Conference (planning underway)
   - May 2013 – European Identity Conference (planning underway)

Best Regards,
Joni Brennan
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