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Here it is.

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Hi all,

In our LC call earlier this week, we discussed whether it would make sense to hold the nomination process for LC Chair and Vice-Chair for now and reopen them in early 2013.  The thought was that some or perhaps even most of the WG would be undergoing their own elections in December.  I did a poll of the wiki to determine when the expected election times are for the active WG, and it seems that about half of the WG have their elections between June and November, one has their election in spring, and two have them in December.  AIM WG is new, and their elections will happen annually in the December/January time frame, and P3WG doesn't actually have a record as to when they need to vote (so we'll just pick a date)

AIM WG - December or January
eGov WG - December
FI WG - December or January
HIA WG - April
IA WG - October
IS WG - October
Japan WG - August
P3 WG - ??
Telco WG - June
Trust Framework WG - April
UMA WG - November

So, with the data before us, what do you all think?  Hold off on further nominations and the actual election for the LC until January/February? 
Or keep moving forward on those?

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