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Wed Jan 9 05:01:10 EST 2013

Fellow LCers

Welcome to 2013

I've given this some thought and while there are lots of things - from playing in higher LoA, better European presence, more support on all our great, really great, work etc - it means nothing if Kantara can't keep going.

None of it is worth the electrons used on this email if our business model is not sustainable.

I was reminded of that just yesterday in talking with another LC member.

It's great we have a good pipeline of Assessors to certify and IdPs wanting approval, and some motivated individuals and entities stepping up to seriously play. but that revenue generated from that alone will not take us to where we want to go.

I don't have the answer, but I sure know it's a problem, and I ask that we put it on the agenda today, and every call to follow, till we have a plan of action.

This is not just the Board's, or Joni's, or the LC's job - it is the job that actually the whole Kantara community must apply itself to, if we are to ride the waves the likes of NSTIC, EUSTIC and the other 'STIC's that give us opportunities. 

But the LC is the leadership and the LC needs to deliver on this.

I sense, and maybe you sense too, that Kantara has a great wave in its sights, paddling like hell to get on it, and a whole beach full of folks are watching it. I have never before sensed so much Kantara mind share that I sense now. When folks find out that you are an active member of Kantara, haven't you noticed recently how there is a subtle change in their demeanor towards you? Maybe that's just in the US and around the NSTIC/IDESG space, but I get that 'unsaid' feeling that they know much of the solution lies in this organisation and they are kind of depending on it to deliver.  

Hard decisions, and perhaps not always comfortable decisions will have to made. Some of you know that OASIS went through this a few years back. We are at that place now. Let us take some inspiration from that, as an example of how organisations can come out stronger for the experience.  Kantara should be one of them. 


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