[KI-LC] NOTICE: P3WG to nest under IAWG and a note of Thanks

Joni Brennan joni at ieee-isto.org
Thu Aug 15 07:26:54 CDT 2013

Dear P3WG,

As previously indicated via Leadership Council calls there has been
consensus that the Privacy work of Kantara would be best served to nest
under the IAWG as it aligns to the Identity Assurance Framework.  This
equates to moving the PAC work under a sub-team to be formed in IAWG.

Before the necessary steps are taken, I wanted to send a note expressing
thanks and gratitude, on behalf of the BoT and LC, to the P3WG for all
their hard work and efforts since the inception of Kantara Initiative.

Privacy-preserving identity, credential and access management systems are
an integral part of our shared mission in Kantara.  As such, this movement
equates to an effort for us to provide better support toward the work and
in no way indicates less interest but rather, more.

We hope that each of you, who are not currently signed up for the IAWG will
take the time to join the group via the "join this group" link found here:


Please indicate "Voting" or "non-Voting" upon sign up and only indicate
"Voting" if you plan to join the IAWG bi-weekly calls with consistency to
preserve the ability to achieve quorum.

Finally, I wish to thank the IAWG for taking the P3 work in to their fuller
work stream in the weeks to come.  We look forward to the achievements to
come via the "to-be-formed" privacy sub-team within the IAWG.

If you have any comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me

Wishing you all the best,
Joni Brennan

Joni Brennan
Kantara Initiative | Executive Director
voice:+1 732-226-4223
email: joni @ kantarainitiative.org

Building Trusted Identity Ecosystems - It takes a village!
Slides: http://bit.ly/ki-june-2013
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