[KI-LC] For Consideration: Kantara Draft Social Media Guidelines

Joni Brennan joni at ieee-isto.org
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Today on LC Pete asked about using Twitter for WG/DG announcements and
news.  I noted it's a great idea and just the kind of 'grass roots' efforts
that help raise the visibility of Kantara == raise the visibility of your
WG/DG hard work and efforts!  UMA WG was referenced as an 'all-star'
example of how social media can be an EXCELLENT tool for out reach. (Way to
go UMA!)

It got me thinking that LC could perhaps explore some how-to's and
guidelines regarding social media use for Kantara subject matter.  I came
across a good article that allowed free use and re-mixing of some suggested
top 10 corporate social media use guidelines [1].  So while the how-to's
would have to be generated (I bet UMAnitarians have some helpful input!),
perhaps the below are some guidelines for consideration by the LC.  I've
spent a little time tweaking them for Kantara purposes. Where the
guidelines talk about confidentiality this basically is meant to cover
activities of the ARB, IRB and Liaison 3rd Party documents.

For process I suggest the LC could spend a bit of time reviewing the
below.  Share comments, optimizations, adds, deletes - etc.  Once the LC
feels the draft policy guidelines are stable the LC could vote to recommend
the BoT consider ratification of the draft Social Media policy to help
guide groups who wish to dive in to the social media sphere.

Note: this activity is not meant to over burden enthusiastic folks, but
simply to provide some guidance which would stand along some (to be
developed) how-to instructions.

What do you think LC? - Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Draft Social Media Use Guidelines / Policy

1. Be transparent and state that you are a Member or Participant of
KANTARA. Your honesty will be noted in the Social Media environment. If you
are writing about KANTARA or a competitor, use your real name, identify
that you are a Member or Participant of KANTARA, and be clear about your
role. If you have a vested interest in what you are discussing, be the
first to say so.
2. Never represent yourself or KANTARA in a false or misleading way. All
statements must be true and not misleading; all claims must be
3. Post meaningful, respectful comments — in other words, please, no spam
and no remarks that are off-topic or offensive.
4. Use common sense and common courtesy: for example, it’s best to ask
permission to publish or report on conversations that are meant to be
private or internal to KANTARA. Make sure your efforts to be transparent
don't violate KANTARA confidentiality.
5. Stick to your area of expertise and do feel free to provide unique,
individual perspectives on non-confidential activities at KANTARA.
6. When disagreeing with others' opinions, keep it appropriate and polite.
If you find yourself in a situation online that looks as if it’s becoming
antagonistic, do not get overly defensive and do not disengage from the
conversation abruptly: feel free to ask the Executive Director for advice
and/or to disengage from the dialogue in a polite manner that reflects well
7. If you want to write about competitive activities, make sure to be
diplomatic, have the facts straight and that you have the appropriate
8. Never comment on anything related to contract negotiations, legal
matters, litigation, or any parties KANTARA may be in litigation with.
9. Never participate in Social Media when the topic being discussed may be
considered a crisis situation.
10. Be smart about protecting yourself, your privacy, and KANTARA
confidential information. What you publish is widely accessible and will be
around for a long time, so consider the content carefully. Search engines
have a long memory.

NOTE: Mainstream media inquiries must be referred to the STAFF.



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