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Joni Brennan joni at ieee-isto.org
Wed Aug 29 11:51:16 EDT 2012

Dear Trustees and LC,

I bring your attention to open-stand.org which summarized as a statement of
principles (http://open-stand.org/principles/) of a modern paradigm for
standards development.

   - *Due process.* Decisions are made with equity and fairness among
   participants. No one party dominates or guides standards development.
   Standards processes are transparent and opportunities exist to appeal
   decisions. Processes for periodic standards review and updating are well
   - *Broad consensus.* Processes allow for all views to be considered and
   addressed, such that agreement can be found across a range of interests.
   - *Transparency.* Standards organizations provide advance public notice
   of proposed standards development activities, the scope of work to be
   undertaken, and conditions for participation. Easily accessible records of
   decisions and the materials used in reaching those decisions are provided.
   Public comment periods are provided before final standards approval and
   - *Balance.* Standards activities are not exclusively dominated by any
   particular person, company or interest group.
   - *Openness.* Standards processes are open to all interested and
   informed parties.

As an agenda item I'd like to ask both the Trustees and LC to discuss the
OpenStand and to consider Kantara support (
http://open-stand.org/stand-with-us/) for this movement.  This is not a
monetary commitment but a statement of support for the principles. While
Kantara Initiative is not a Standards body, organizations like Kantara,
industry groups, user groups ,ect depend upon the consensus based and
transparent development of open standards.

Please consider the above at each groups earliest opportunity.

Best Regards,

Joni Brennan
Kantara Initiative | Executive Director
voice:+1 732-226-4223
email: joni @ ieee-isto.org

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