[KI-LC] Planning for a Kantara F2F

Heather Flanagan heather at kantarainitiative.org
Tue Aug 28 13:13:56 EDT 2012

Hi all -

While the meeting earlier this month with the IAWG, P3WG, HIAWG, and the
AMDG was excellent, it wasn't a full Kantara meeting.  So, it's time to
look at getting one of those on the calendar.  With October and November
heating up to be a marathon of interesting meetings and conferences, we
need to go head and pick a time (and find a host!).

Here are some proposed dates:
Week of October 15
Week of October 29
Day before/after IIW (October 22 OR October 26)
November 8-9 in Atlanta (overlapping IETF 85)

Other activities of note which we might want to plan around (or next to) :
Internet2 (Philadelphia)
RSA Europe = October 9 - 11
IIW #15 (Mountain View) = October 23 - 25
IETF 85 (Atlanta) = November 4 - 9

We know there will be another NSTIC SG meeting in the fall, but I'm not
aware of actual dates at this time.

I'll add this as a discussion item for the LC meeting this week. 
Feedback also welcome to the list.

Heather Flanagan
Kantara Initiative
Skype: hlflanagan
email: heather at kantarainitiative.org

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